JSU professor added to author team of textbook

Jackson State University professor and chair of the Department of Political Science, Michelle D. Deardorff, has been added as the third author to McGraw Hill’s American Government NOW, which is currently in its third edition.

michelledeardorffThe book is designed to focus on engaging students taking the US Government survey course in the democratic process by showing how students across the world are engaged in social change and governance. It is the only survey textbook that emphasizes the role of technology, including social media, in American Politics. It is also the first such text that integrated the McGraw Hill Connect program to create an individualized, adaptive learning program that guides students from merely expressing an opinion to forming a point of view based on critical thinking, analysis, and evidence.

Deardorff has been working with Harrison and Harris on this project since the second edition, but was formally added to the author team for the third edition, released in December 2012. She has been a member of the political science department since 2003 and was a founding faculty member of the Fannie Lou Hamer National Institute on Citizenship and Democracy at Jackson State in 1997.


13 thoughts on “JSU professor added to author team of textbook

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  3. Congratulations Dr. Deardorff! You are one of the great role models for women on this campus. Best wishes on all your current and future projects.

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