Mississippi Early Childhood Alliance Conference – Feb. 23


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The MECA™ Conference is a product of the partnership between the Child Care Directors Network and the Mississippi Learning Institute Sally McDonnell Barksdale Educational Resource Center at Jackson State University. The goal of the MECA™ Conference is to advance the efforts of Mississippi’s early childhood and child care professionals by providing professional development that will help improve school readiness outcomes among children ages birth to 8, and to promote their long-term success. Additionally, it is our intention to provide sessions that promote problem solving abilities and to increase early literacy and math skills so that children not only start kindergarten ready, but develop as lifelong learners. So, please expect presentations that emphasize proven practices, fresh ideas and leading edge strategies from the field. Attendees will be actively engaged in interactive academic readiness activities and participate in in-depth practical skill-building opportunities that will ensure school readiness and accelerate student achievement.


The 2013 MECA™ Conference is a one-day conference designed to model student-centered instruction where presenters engage participants in approaches that encourage and sustain healthy social and emotional development of the early learner. The Conference highlights a powerful video presentation onconscious discipline, a comprehensive self-regulation program that integrates social-emotional learning and discipline.  Later, the dynamic Conscious Discipline, Inc., team of Donna Potter and DJ Baptiste will join a panelist of parents, researchers, and practitioners who will respond to audience questions on the most effective ways to provide an optimal learning experience for parents and their children. The afternoon luncheon will feature Dr. Felicia DeHaney, President of the National Black Child Development Institute and one of our country’s leading experts on child development. Concurrent breakout sessions will include hands-on teaching and learning strategies in the areas of: a) awareness and information; b) providing emotional support to students; c) referral and resource identification; d) parental support systems; and e) developmentally-appropriate practices.


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