Political science professor publishes book

Emmanuel Nwagboso

Emmanuel C. Nwagboso, Ph.D.

The Edwin Mellon Press recently published the book, Anarchy and the Quest for Political Stability in Sierra Leone, by Jackson State University associate political science professor Emmanuel C. Nwagboso, Ph.D.

The book is an examination of past and future challenges facing Sierra Leone, a small West African country that is one of the world’s largest diamond exporters. The book evaluates the contemporary political economy of the nation and explores such issues as political corruption, mismanagement of the diamond industry, corruption by government officials, and the unequal distribution of resources that led to anarchy and civil unrest.

Nwagboso earned his B.A. in Political Science and M.P.P.A. from Jackson State University. He received a Ph.D. from Clark-Atlanta University. He is a member of the graduate faculty and has been a part of the Department of Political Science since 1993.


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