JSU Alumni Spotlight: Lawrence Evans, Actor

Spencer McClenty



8 thoughts on “JSU Alumni Spotlight: Lawrence Evans, Actor

  1. Enjoyed this video..Lawrence has a GREAT spirit and we are proud that he is one of our department’s many talented alums. It is my goal as Interim Chair and Director of Theatre at JSU to get him to this campus and expose our students to his wisdom.. Keep up the good work Lawrence!!!

  2. Yes the late 1970’s were some good times at JSU! Everything was so simple back then! There are days I will always treasure. Love Laurence’s pride in JSU. Yes, Hail to Thee!

  3. This is wonderful, it is great to see Lawrence. He was extremely supportative of the Alumni Assocation during my tenure as Executive Director. Great job done in the creation of this production. Please keep alumni in the spotlight.

  4. What a well-rendered piece! I would like to see JSU’s communication program produce more media shorts like this (spotlighting the value of a JSU education). By the way, the production value of this short piece is fantastic. I am happy to know that our students are still getting a good education at JSU. Bravo! In this day and age of pervasive grade inflation please keep the standards high.

  5. Good choice, I remember Lawrence from my period here as an undergraduate in 1975; those were some good days with fun times. He was passionate about acting then and i am glad to see that he did indeed fulfill his dreams, goals and aspirations. Way to go Lawrence!

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