Eddie Payton authors ‘Walter and Me,’ biography of Walter Payton

Walter and MeMany authors have written about the life of former Jackson State University football star and National Football League Hall of Famer Walter Payton. Yet, few have the perspective of Eddie Payton, Walter’s brother and fellow JSU alumnus.

Triumph Book Publishing recently released the Eddie Payton authored book, Walter and Me: Standing in the Shadow of Sweetness, a biography about the life of Walter Payton.

“It’s a true story about an American football hero written by the person that knew him best,” said Eddie Payton, who is in his 27th year as head men’s and women’s golf coach at JSU. “It’s an easy read that will give you an inside look at what led to Walter becoming the athlete he was.”

Co-authored by Paul T. Brown and Craig Wiley, with a foreword by Mike Ditka, the 14-chapter biography was written in response to another recent biography of Walter — one that Eddie felt was a negative depiction of his brother.

“I felt that a book by someone who really knew Walter, not someone who guessed on everything, would give a more humanistic depiction of the person Walter really was,” Eddie said.

In Walter and Me, Eddie recalls the moments he shared with his younger brother and talks about the continuing sting of his death. The book also addresses:

  • The truth behind Walter’s struggles with ADHD, suicide, drug abuse and infidelity.
  • Why Eddie believes that Walter’s multiple concussions caused Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy later in life.
  • The wild pranks that Walter loved to play on friends and teammates.

“The aim of this book is to give readers a realistic and honest view of Walter, his family and his friends,” Eddie said.

For more information about Walter and Me: Standing in the Shadows of Sweetness, visit www.triumphbooks.com.


Spencer McClenty


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