Help spread the word

Jackson State University would like your assistance with getting the word out about an issue related to our Nov. 10 football game.

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) had been advertising a football game ticket giveaway event called the “2012 FCA Game Day Rally” at JSU’s Lee. E. Williams Athletics and Assembly Center on Nov. 10. However, FCA has not made any arrangements with JSU for this activity in regard to reserving space or making arrangements to give tickets away for the football game later that afternoon.  These non-authorized activities will not take place that day.

While Jackson State University is proud to support student athletes and organizations like FCA and continues to work with numerous campus and community organizations, all such organizations must adhere to university policies and procedures. The JSU Division of Community Affairs and Events has the authority to grant the use of university facilities. FCA did not follow this long-standing process.

Other universities have held similar events but booster groups and others pay for the tickets for the students and coaches.  JSU’s Tiger Fund was not contacted to support this effort.

This FCA advertisement, which was sent to students, high schools, and the general public, may cause many individuals to be disappointed and inconvenienced.  To minimize this effect, FCA is notifying those individuals that it knows received the advertisement to let them know that the Nov. 10 non-authorized event will not go forward.

We hope you can assist with this situation by spreading the word that no event or ticket giveaway called the “2012 FCA Game Day Rally” will take place at JSU on Nov. 10. Thank you.


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