Mumford to receive JSU Humanities Teacher Award for 2012

Jimmy Mumford

(JACKSON, Miss.) – Jimmy Mumford, associate professor of graphic design at Jackson State University, has been selected as the humanities scholar to receive JSU’s Humanities Teacher Award for 2012.

As the recipient of the Humanities Teacher Award, Mumford will deliver the presentation, “Perspectives of Empowerment: How Graphic Design Affects Black America,” at 2 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 14, in the Dollye M.E. Robinson Liberal Arts Building, Room 166/266 on JSU’s main campus.

Mumford received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a minor in drawing from Delta State University and a Master of Fine Arts in computer arts from Memphis College of Art. As a professor and designer, his awards and honors include a Silver Addy Award, American Graphic Design awards, the Communicator Award of Excellence, the Communicator Award of Distinction and the P.R.I.D.E. of Excellence Teaching Award.

Mumford’s lecture will focus on the study of signs and symbols that convey meaning and how ideas are constructed in society. For example, when Johannes Gutenberg invented the Gutenberg press, it revolutionized the distribution of knowledge by making it possible to produce a large number of copies of a single work in a short amount of time. But for slaves, the Gutenberg press revolutionized the way slaves were caught and sold, as posters and advertising were created for the purpose of selling and recapturing slaves.

Members of the public are urged to join university administrators, faculty, staff and students in attending this lecture.


14 thoughts on “Mumford to receive JSU Humanities Teacher Award for 2012

  1. Congratulations! Will the lecture be recorded/archived for future/prospective students, like me, to view at their convenience for those that are interested in Graphic Design? (You Tube, JSU website, etc..) If so, please advise when… Again, Congratulations…

  2. Congratulations, Mr. Mumford, on this well-deserved honor! Proud to be your colleague in the College of Liberal Arts.

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