JSU to remain closed through Labor Day holiday

JSU power outage update:

In the interest of safety and concern for all, Jackson State University will close on Friday, Aug. 31, and resume all operations after the Labor Day holiday on Tuesday, Sept. 4.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to work from home.

Residential students are encouraged to go home if possible.

Temporary housing is being provided for those who cannot go home, as the power outage has affected all residence halls except one.

Students remaining on campus should see their community director for transfer to the temporary housing facility on campus. Meals will be provided at the JSU Student Center.

Be careful.



15 thoughts on “JSU to remain closed through Labor Day holiday

  1. I’m also confused about how this will affect class schedules. Does that mean our 11:30 A.M. classes are cancelled as well as any classes prior to 11:30 A.M.?

  2. What does this mean for classes that start at 11:30 a.m.? Do they start at noon instead?

  3. During this storm, just know that God has it all in controll. And while we have this time off let’s spend it by getting just a little closer to him and thanking him for letting the storm surpass us & giving us the opportunity to get it right!

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  5. I pray each morning not only for the students in my classes, but also for my chairperson, Dr. Jean Chamberlain, Mrs. Switzer, Mr. Graves, and all my colleagues in the Department of English and Modern Foreign Languages, the interim Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and his staff, and JSU administrators, and I will continue to do so during the potentially damaging storm. — Fred D. Feazell

  6. Let’s pray that we,as well as those directly effected, will get through this storm!

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