Scholarship program to provide iPads to JSU freshmen

(JACKSON, Miss.) – Thanks to a scholarship program sponsored by the Mississippi e-Center @JSU, Jackson State University will provide iPads to every full-time member of the fall 2012 class who are entering JSU for the first time as a freshman. Between 800 and 900 new freshmen are expected to start classes in the fall.

The iPads will be integrated into the curriculum to enhance the learning experience, and the tablets will save students money by enabling them to purchase electronic books for their classes.

“We’re making an investment in student success,” said William E. McHenry, executive director of the Mississippi e-Center @JSU. “Jackson State University is the only institution in the state that is providing such technology to its freshmen for free.”

The program will include training for students on the use of the iPad as well as faculty training focused on using the technology for teaching and learning.

“We’re the first institution in Mississippi that has anything this comprehensive that is integrated into the curriculum,” said JSU provost and vice president for Academic Affairs Mark G. Hardy. “We will be placing technology directly in the hands of students and giving them a mobile platform so that learning happens whether they are inside or outside of the classroom.”

The iPad program coincides with the launch of campus-wide Wi-Fi service, which will enable students to collaborate with each other and study conveniently from anywhere on campus. The program also dovetails with JSU’s iPad study, which is the largest study of its kind in the United States.

The iPads are expected to be an incentive for students to continue their studies at JSU through graduation. Students who leave the university during their freshman year will be asked to pay for or return the device. Those who remain enrolled for five semesters get to keep the iPad for their personal use.

The Mississippi e-Center @JSU, a not-for-profit foundation, is providing the iPad scholarships to students as part of its long-standing partnership with Jackson State University.