JSU joins Eli Lilly’s Open Innovation Drug Discovery program

Eli Lilly and Jackson State University have just signed a Materials Transfer Agreement (MTA), giving the university membership to Lilly’s Open Innovation Drug Discovery Program (OIDD). Eli Lilly was founded in 1876 and is the 10th largest pharmaceutical company in the world. The company conducts clinical research in more than 55 countries, has research and development facilities located in eight countries, manufacturing plants in 13 countries, and the company’s products are marketed in 125 countries.

Dr. Felix Okojie

“This is an exciting opportunity for research at Jackson State University. It gives our researchers no-cost access to compound screenings, but more importantly, it provides an opportunity for licensing agreements with Eli Lilly,” says Dr. Felix A. Okojie, Vice-President for Research and Federal Relations at Jackson State University.

As a member of the Open Innovation Drug Discovery Program, Jackson State University will have no-cost access to Lilly’s internal screening of small molecules, natural products and natural product derivatives. The benefits of the program include: access to highly relevant screening assays and publication-quality biological data to test hypotheses, increased access to resources, the possibility to establish collaboration with Lilly, and the opportunity to advance laboratory science.

Submitted compounds should be at least 90 percent pure based on contemporary analytical characterization. Participation in the OIDD is limited to institutions that are research universities, institutes and biotech companies.

For more information about Jackson State University’s agreement with Eli Lilly, please contact

Dr. Felix A. Okojie at 979-2836 or faokojie@jsums.edu.


10 thoughts on “JSU joins Eli Lilly’s Open Innovation Drug Discovery program

  1. Felix, this is outstanding! The timing could not be better with the new IC formation at NIH that promotes accelerating drug discovery.


  2. Thanks Dr. Okojie for all your work to keep Jackson State University (JSU) and its research labs moving forward. Access to this data can be used in many of JSU’s research labs.

  3. This is truly a remarkable accomplishment that provides additional opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to become more engaged in active research. Congratulations, Dr. Okojie on this outstanding achievement. Your hard work and dedication is helping to move JSU beyond its already worlwide research acclaim with its involvement in the Jackson Heart Study. Thank you for all that you do.

  4. Congratulations to Jackson State University and Dr. Felix Okojie for the execution of this MTA.
    I see this MTA as an opportunity to advance our clinical research ambition and capabilities.

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