JSU receives Upward Bound award

Jackson State University has been awarded $250,000 per year for five years – which amounts to $1.25 million – to support Upward Bound@JSU. The program will provide college access and opportunities to low-income and/or first-generation college students and parents within Jackson Public Schools District high schools including Jim Hill, Forest Hill, Lanier, Provine and Wingfield.

Dr. Loria Brown

Upward Bound@JSU will serve 50 students annually who will participate in academic-year services and a summer academy.   Dr. Loria Brown serves as the principal investigator and Reginald Castilla as the director.

“JSU is excited to continue our collaboration with Jackson Public Schools,” Brown said. “The success of our program speaks volumes to the collaborative efforts and quality of services that are being provided. In this current year, 28 seniors in the Upward Bound program are graduating from JPS, 100 percent have been accepted into colleges, and 16 have plans to attend JSU.”

For more information, call  601-979-2464.


28 thoughts on “JSU receives Upward Bound award

  1. Dr. Brown GREAT job!!!! I was in this program in the 90’s and it made a “HUGE” impact on my life. I would love to possibly be a part of this team in some capacity to give back as a Alumni. Feel free to contact me via email drpepper04@gmail.com.

  2. Congratulations Dr. Brown and Director Castilla. May you continue to impact the lives of our children. For years I have watched you work harder than most but with a clear vision. ” Help as many as you can while you can but do it with love and respect.”

  3. Congrats to Dr. Brown and Mr. Castilla along with others who have been engaged to make this possible, Best of continued success.

  4. Congratulations, Dr. Brown!!! You are the best! I am so happy for you and JSU. I know the Upward Bound Program will be a success because of your work ethics and your concern for the students. Keep up the good work!!!

  5. Congratulations Dr. Brown and Mr. Castilla on a job well done!!! I hope the students you serve will be appreciative of this wonderful opportunity.

  6. Congratulations to Dr. Brown! I am so happy to say that I am a product of someone who exemplifies hard-work, intelligence, charisma and determination in all aspects of life. The Upward Bound Program has helped to positively mold me and take me to heights that I would have never thought any preparatory program could do! To hear that Upward Bound will continue for the next five years, is definitely some awesome news I have been waiting to hear! I pray that this program continues to prosper and touch the lives of souls such as myself. Dr. Brown and Mr. Castilla ROCKS!

  7. I cannot agree with Jackie Humphrey more, Loria! Thanks a gazillion for your persistence. Good luck!

  8. Congratulations Reginald and Dr. Brown. I am a proud supporter of TRIO programs and I know they work!

  9. Congratulations to Dr. Brown and the entire upward bound team. I was an upward bounder during the 70’s and a graduate of JSU. Now, I am an Alumni. I am a witness that upward bound provided me opportunities that my mother, a single parent was not able to afford. Great job! may God continue to pour out his blessings on all of you and the students who will be served….

  10. Congratulations, Dr. Brown, Mr. Castilla, and others on achieving such great outcomes. I pray that God continues to bless the work of your hands and hearts.

  11. I knew you could do It! JSU is blessed to have you on their team!!
    The biggest blessing is reserved for Me!!

  12. Congratulations Dr. Loria Brown and the team that made this possible. This is wonderful news to have Upward Bound again! I have heard the testimonies of students who have benefited from the program. Great job…we are so proud of you…..

  13. Congrats to Dr. Brown, Mr. Castilla, their staff and all who help make the program successful. The Upward Bound program is wonderful and provides much needed support to the city’s youth. You all deserve this opportunity!!

  14. I currently work in the same office as Upward Bound in Tampa, FL now. And being a JSU Graduate, its great to see that the program is back on campus. Congrats and make it good.

  15. Congratulations Dr. Loria Brown!!! I am so glad to have the Upward Bound Program back on this campus. Job well done!!!!

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