JSU Farmers Network to tour state offering assistance to farmers and ranchers

                    The Jackson State University Farmers Network, a collaboration that includes the Center for Business Development and Economic Research in the JSU College of Business, Alcorn State University and several local farmers, has launched a tour of the state of Mississippi to enlighten socially disadvantaged farmers about the various agencies and available programs of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

                     Beginning at 10 a.m., May 10, at the Vegetable Processing Facility located at 1300 Killebrew Road in Marks, the group will host community meetings designed to assist farmers in operating farms more efficiently and profitably. After meeting in Marks, the group will travel to the County Extension Office, located at 402 C.J. Hardin Jr. Drive in  Pontotoc, for a 3 p.m. meeting. 

                     Activities will include the following workshops: Managing Income Tax Issues Related to your USDA Settlement, Model Farm Credit Program, Internal and External Cash Management and New Agricultural Opportunities.  Additionally, one-on-one technical assistance will be provided to address income tax issues, operational management and financial and business management.

                     Over the next four weeks, before ending the tour in Laurel on June 8, the group also will host meetings in the following Mississippi towns: Leland, Carrollton, West Point, Bolton, Newton, Meadville, and Prentiss.

                     The network was formed in October 2011 after the JSU Center for Business Development and Economic Research received a $300,000 grant from the USDA for outreach and technical assistance for socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers.

                     For more information, contact Cathy Turner at 601-979-2794 or Lurlene Irvin at 601-979-2028.
Spencer McClenty


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