JSU’s Swinney headed to NCAA Leadership Institute

by Wesley Peterson

Adrianne Swinney

Jackson State University’s Associate Athletic Director and Senior Women’s Administrator, Adrianne Swinney, has been selected to participate in the 2012 NCAA Leadership Institute.

 The NCAA Leadership Institute assists 25 category two and 25 category three ethnic minority male and females annually in strategically mapping and planning their careers through the exploration of the intercollegiate athletics community. The unique workshop provides tailored programming to participants on NCAA member institution campuses. This year’s institute will be on the campus of the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill). The format of the institute allows participants to diversify their network, become exposed to key stakeholders within college administration and receive an in-depth view of the opportunities to serve within the NCAA governance structure as they advance their careers.

 “I am extremely honored for this opportunity to go and represent Jackson State University while capitalizing on an opportunity for personal and professional growth embedded in leadership skill development,” said Swinney. “I feel this opportunity will help develop me to be a more effectual leader and a greater asset to Jackson State and my department, as well as to the community at large. At the end of the day, it’s all about growing and getting better so you can help your surroundings grow and get better. This is a monumental growth opportunity for me. Again, I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity and plan to represent the University in the manner of excellence that Jackson State stands for.”

 Swinney will be a member of the category three pool, which includes department managers/directors, assistant and associate athletic directors. The following objectives will be used as a roadmap for the workshops tailored programming: 1. Support the professional growth and continued advancement of the participants. 2. Attendees will explore the path to a senior level position within intercollegiate athletics. Participants will also engage in case studies, action learning and panel discussions that will serve as curriculum tools in an interactive learning environment.

 Swinney is scheduled to participate in the leadership institute July 28 – August 3 in Chapel Hill, NC.


10 thoughts on “JSU’s Swinney headed to NCAA Leadership Institute

  1. Congratulations Adrianne. You have done great things for the JSU Athletic Department, and with this Leadership Training, even greater things will be achieved in the future.
    John E. Hardy
    The Penguin Restaurant

  2. Congratulations Adrianne, I am very proud of you and I know you will represent the University well.

    Your Church Member and Coworker!

  3. congratulation Ms. Swinney, it was great meeting you during the Volleyball Spring Spling. JSU Volleyball parent

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