JSU Summer Bridge Program for incoming freshmen

2011 JSU Summer Bridge Program participants

(JACKSON, Miss.) – Jackson State University, through the Division of Undergraduate Studies, is offering a Summer Bridge Program for incoming freshmen who have been admitted to JSU for the Fall 2012.

The Summer Bridge Program will provide college credit courses, tuition, books and room and board at no cost to 130 qualifying students.  The program does not cover out-of-state fees.

Students are required to complete the first summer session, from May 30-June 27, and the second summer session, from July 2-August 2, 2012.

If interested in the Summer Bridge Program, contact Josie H. Latham at 601-979-0562 or josie.h.latham@jsums.edu.


12 thoughts on “JSU Summer Bridge Program for incoming freshmen

  1. I will be graduating on May 27, heading to Jackson May 28, and looking forward to Summer Bridge on May 29. I can’t believe it is about to happen. The Creator will be one of JSU newest baby tigers.

  2. I so hope I get picked for this program!! It would be great to get a headstart on my courses and I can get use to the campus life before everyone shows up in the fall!! So excited about college!!

  3. I am excited about participating in this program this summer. I’ve been looking forward to it since I applied. Can’t wait 🙂

  4. I am excited about attending this summer bridge program. I hope I have a great time. Im sure I will. I’m counting down the days

  5. I wish I could attend but my high school graduation is June 1st and I cant miss that but I will be for college in the fall.

  6. I was fortunate enough to be in this program last year. With me being from St. Louis I thought I would be wasting my last summer. I WAS WRONG!!! Along with meeting my peers, earning great grades, and staying in the best dorms at JSU; I was able to experience college life and it did prepare me for the college experience. I went from being a big baby to one of the valedictorian. Also the field trips were AWESOME!!!! But best of luck to the ones accepted.

  7. I’m currently putting in an app to be admitted into this program. It would tremdously help me out with college cost and ensure that I have a quality education without the stress from me struggling to pay. Not to mention all the great opportunities it brings…. and the mentoring! I MUST GET INTO THIS PROGRAM!

  8. Thanks JSU! The Summer Bridge Program is a Godsend. Herein, high school graduates get a chance to become acclimated to college life in a safe, caring environment while earning A’s or B’s in college credits with any only grades less than a B not counting. Best of all, it’s free!

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