JSU student, Kirby Kendrick, endures tragedy to fulfill dream of studying abroad


Jackson State University student Kirby Kendrick is preparing to study Chinese language and culture in China, for the second time in two years. For Kendrick, last year’s journey was preceded by an unspeakable tragedy.

by Spencer McClenty


16 thoughts on “JSU student, Kirby Kendrick, endures tragedy to fulfill dream of studying abroad

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  2. Keep your head up Kirby…know that God doesn’t make mistakes…you’ve always been a good person since Shelia and I knew you back at clinton high & your mother is certainly proud of the son she’s brought into this world. You just continue to do good things and keep that smile upon her face…may God bless your surroundings

  3. I commend you for following your dreams even though you faced hardship, it takes a strong – minded willing person to continue on through your adversities!!! May God bless and keep You!!

  4. May God bless you through this school year. God will be there for you no matter what. I lost my sister back in August in 2011. It was hard for me through praying everyday and seeking God. I know God love me and he do same for you. Just keep your head up everything will be O.K.

  5. Ni hao wo de hao hao pengyou,

    Kirby through this short amount of time that I have known you and taking mandarin Chinese class with you; I have learned that you are truly a fighter. I was a little jealous because your Chinese is a little better than mine but you have showed me that practice makes perfect and to go after your hopes and dreams. I always tell you when I grow up I want to be just like you. So continue to fight and to make your mother proud as you have done thus far. Remember that you will have those that will bring you down, but just remember as they pull you down keep the faith and God will keep you lifted. May God bless you and keep you.

    Major Brown

  6. I wish you the best in all of your endeavors. Your mother’s death is tragic and I can never imagine your pain. But remember God is only testing and reassuring your faith. He has big plans for you; sending you to China is just the beginning. Congratulations and God bless.

  7. Kirby, keep pressing on! stay focus.you have given your all in the community, school and church.It is so refreshing to have you (a strong, young, black man) a part of my community and JSU Family. Press on Kirby! Press on !
    Mrs. LHC

  8. Kirby:

    No question, one is an excellent example of what it means to persevere in spite of an unspeakable loss. With determination and focus, all that one desires is within ones grasp.

    Reach…keep pushing, and the best in one’s career choices.

    The JSU family is incredibly proud…

  9. The entire time you were in my marketing class and we worked on group projects together I never knew your story. Keep pushing forward for whatever you want in life and I know your mother is and will always be proud of you. God Bless you Kirby!

  10. Kirby,
    It’s students like you that remind me of why I teach..You are a testament to the fact that not all of our young brothers are victims of society’s stereotypical image. You represent in the highest manner what is meant by the phrase, “a positive black male.” I pray that God continues to guide your footsteps and bless every endeavor that you strive for in life. Stay focused, stay prayerful and thank God everyday for the beautiful spirit that your mom left you with! Much success brother!

  11. My Friend I send my condolences to you and your family for the loss of your Mother, you only get one after all. Though she’s returned to our Lord, I believe she’s working through you with what she’s taught you and needless to say it certainly shows. Wherever your goals take you, not just at Jackson State, may they be successful and also beneficial to yourself and others if it pleases our Lord.

  12. I am very proud of you cousin. Your mom would be very proud of your resilience and perseverance. I remember last seeing her when both of you guys attended my JSU graduation party last May. Her smile and charmed definitely made that day extra special. The Father has you at JSU for a particular reason. I hope that you continue to soak in the wonderful opportunities that you are being blessed with. ( I am also glad the family legacy continues at JSU 🙂 lol )

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