Jackson State extends Coach Comegy’s contract

Tommiea J. King

Coach Rick Comegy's contract has been extended through 2013.

Jackson State University has renewed Rick Comegy’s contract as the Tigers head football coach through 2013. JSU Athletics Director Dr. Vivian L. Fuller made the announcement at an 11 a.m. press conference Wednesday, Nov. 30, in the Sports Hall of Fame Room of the Lee E. Williams Athletics and Assembly Center.

“Coach Comegy and his staff have an excellent track record of on-the-field success at Jackson State,” said Fuller. “Moving forward under his leadership, I expect the JSU Tigers to be champions in sports, in the classroom and in the Jackson community.”

Having just completed his sixth season with the Tigers, Comegy looks forward to his two-year extension.

“I want to thank Dr. Meyers and Dr. Fuller for having confidence in me and my coaches. I’m thankful that they believe in us to continue what we’re building here at JSU,” said Comegy. “I love my job, I love my kids and I love JSU.”

JSU President Carolyn W. Meyers is pleased with the extension.

“We all look forward to Coach Comegy’s continued leadership of Jackson State’s football program,” said Meyers. “I am confident that he will lead our student-athletes to even greater success on the field and in the classroom.”

Comegy, 58, completed his six years at Jackson State with a 41-26 record and ended this last season with a 9-2 record. His teams won a SWAC championship in 2007 and returned for SWAC championship play in 2008.


20 thoughts on “Jackson State extends Coach Comegy’s contract

  1. Jacksonians are true supporters! You really can not blame a JSU fan for expressing his or her feelings about JSU and especially football. Someone has to take the blame! I think some of us are just satisfied with having a winning season. Coach Comegy’s is a good man, but his team’s lack discipline. It shows on the field. Too many mental mistakes! Yet, I still thinks he deserves that contract renewal. The 2011 team didn’t play to its full potential. Our focus should be toward uplifting the university and the athletic programs to their full potential. I guess i’ll just have to see how it plays out next season.


  3. it seem that the body is still ruled by mind a sound body can produce a sound mind if worked rightly keep em looking at football and they will always not see the real game that being played. Are we really winning. Get on the master mind team that is sure to make champions.

  4. Congrats to Coach Comegy and his staff. We complain if we win, and if we lose. Lets rally together as a great HBCU, move on and learn from our mistakes. Remember no one is perfect. Let’s also look forward to a great year in 2012. We sure had one this year.

  5. Coach Comegy came here with a mandate to WIN and WIN NOW. Our fans do not have the patience to wait three or four years to rebuild. The prior coach left the program in such bad shape that Coach Comegy rolled the dice and recruited talented but educationally questionable transfers. Now that the ship has been almost righted, we must learn from our mistakes and move forward. The bottom line is that for six years we have laughed more than we have cried. Nobody does it better than the Blue and White!

  6. Coaches spend all day “doing coaching things”. If we lose a game, people love to complain about not being prepared. Instead of running around trying to see what grade Joe is getting in Calculus, why don’t we hire someone in the athletics department that’s ONLY job is to monitor student athletes on the education side?

    Let the coaches prepare for the next game and work with the injured or up and coming players.

    • Coaching is not a singular function only, as evidenced in the APR debacle.

      Fortunately, the university seems to have implemented a successful, and effective program that addresses the athletic-academic performance of the student athletes.

      As the football coach, Comegy has a responsibility for ensuring those players succeed on and off the field. He has to engage the non-football stuff, too, which can pay enormous dividends after the students football days are over.

      If I am correct, you seem to advocating coach Comegy pass the buck to someone else. As you see, that did not work out so well…

  7. This contract seems reasonable, practical and appropriate.

    While the APR score has improved, there is more work to be done, and I think coach Comegy and the university leadership are more than capable of meeting those challenges.

    Stay focused and move forward…

  8. Why not give the man an extension? Coach Comegy is a good football coach. Plus, they realized a problem and have addressed it. APR is up. That is no longer an excuse to try and get rid of him. So what reason do you have now to not keep him here?

    • You have to look at the whole picture. JSU ranked in the top five in FCS attendance this year, JSU could have easily gone 11-0 this year and yes APR’s have improved. Compare Coach Comegy to Coach James Bell, now that’s another reason to keep Coach Comegy here.

  9. It might be time to go a different direction. Should have played for the SWAC Championship this year but under Comegy’s leadership the team is on NCAA probation.

    • In retrospect, we now know that the failures were multifaceted, from coach Comegy, the athlectic director, academic affair and the student athletes.

      We now have an opportunity to get it right–and we will.

      Stay focused and move forward…

      • The failures ARE multifaceted. However, what are you here for? Education or Athletics? You can do both, with dedication, direction and support. The direction comes from the system set up in athletics – which was compromised – by athletics! Some JSU athletic teams consistently have outstanding GPAs – maybe because of the support/direction given to them. Why is football an exception? Misguided direction! I’m happy Coach Comegy’s contract has been extended. I just hope the Athletic Director holds her STAFF accountable – that’s the issue!

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