JSU staff member, Kamesha Hill, wins 2nd consecutive annual SMA award

Spencer McClenty

Kamesha Hill

Kamesha Hill, contracts compliance specialist in the Jackson State University Office of Contractual Services, recently won her second consecutive Strategic Marketing Affiliates (SMA) “fastest artwork reviewer” award.  SMA is a collegiate licensing company that partners with Jackson State to generate revenue from licensing the university’s logo, image and brand. Jackson State has partnered with the company for four years.

“SMA represents over 100 colleges and universities, which includes Texas A&M University, Alabama A&M University, Tennessee State University, University of Arkansas Pine Bluff, Troy State University and the Big Ten Conference,” says Hill, who also has been chosen to serve on the planning committee for the 2012 International Collegiate Licensing Association’s (ICLA) Winter Symposium in Salt Lake City, Utah. “This award does not only recognize my hard work and dedication to our trademark licensing program, but it spotlights our great university, Jackson State University.”

Last year, JSU generated nearly $60,000 through the program. On average, Jackson State has about 95 licensed vendors who regularly submit JSU-themed artwork for approval to adorn various products ranging from T-shirts and caps to socks and area rugs.

“The vendors submit their designs to SMA and once the company reviews it, they submit it to me for final approval,” Hill said.

The average turnaround time for vendors to get approval through the program is six hours. Hill’s average is three hours.

“I reviewed more than 500 pieces of artwork last year,” she said. “It’s important for me to do a good job because I am an alumnus of Jackson State. I love Jackson State and if I don’t approve the artwork quickly, Jackson State doesn’t make money.”

Hill also serves as the ICLA Membership Initiative Ambassador for the SWAC and MEAC, where her responsibility is to educate other schools on the importance of registering their marks and becoming an active member of the ICLA.

For more information on the JSU licensing program, visit www.smaworks.com.

23 thoughts on “JSU staff member, Kamesha Hill, wins 2nd consecutive annual SMA award

  1. Great Job Kamesha, I don’t know you but to see we hold the same last name make me feel delighted to carry the same last name as to some one who is accomplishing great things.

  2. Congrats Kamesha,

    Thanks for all you do for JSU through policing our licensure process. We definitely can use the money brought in during these tough financial times. Wishing you continued success ;-)!

  3. CONGRATULATION !!!! Kamesha, again and again and again!! you make all of your JSU family so very proud of you keep up the great work!

    Munch Love Pat !

  4. A person of integrity, passion for her school, and dedication to her job…we need more people, alumni and employees like you! Thank you, Kamesha for shining a bright light on our University! Well Done!

  5. Congratulations Kamesha,

    Your attention to detail and level of professionalism brings nothing less than positve representation to the University! I’m so proud to know and to have worked with you!
    Way To Go. Tiger 4 Life.

  6. The proudest are speaking last only because the last is the Best! We truly are the proudest for our shining star! Honey, just keep on letting your light shine in the right direction. Continue to be that Beacon of light you are known to be.

    Much love,

  7. Praise the Lord
    The way to go cuz!!!
    I know your mom and dad are very proud of you, we are proud of you as well as your family and friends. You go girl!!!!!!!
    Your cousin’s from Memphis
    Leroy & Florida Smith
    LOVE JSU!!!
    God bless

  8. Congratulations Kamesha,

    For receiving this award again this year and being selected to serve on the planning committee. Keep reaching for new heights and demand what you deserve.

  9. Good job Kamesha and continue cracking down on those unlicensed vendors who DON’T give back to JSU. So many people are selling JSU items and not giving the school a dime.

    Good to know that someone is accountable.

  10. Congratulations Ms. Kamesha Hill. Your hard work is demonstrated everyday across campus and at the football games on Saturdays. Keep up good job and continue to make Jackson State University number one.

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