JSU, city officials dedicate University Boulevard

By Jean Gordon Cook

(JACKSON, Miss.) – Jackson State University hosted the dedication celebration for the renaming of Terry Road to University Boulevard on Friday, Oct. 21. The newly named roadway extends 2.3 miles from I-20 to the entrance of JSU’s campus.

At the start of the program, JSU President Carolyn W. Meyers said University Boulevard will serve as a beacon of enlightenment for people entering Jackson from the nearby interstate exit.

“In a real sense, University Boulevard is the highway to knowledge,”  she said.

The JSU Center for University-Based Development (CUBD) and the JSU National Alumni Association, Inc., were instrumental in getting the street renamed.

CUBD director Kimberly Hilliard told the crowd that the roadway initiative fits in with JSU’s goal to help revitalize West Jackson. She said the process to rename Terry Road University Boulevard took about three years and involved going door-to-door to get approval signatures from 99 percent of neighborhood landowners.

But once the legwork was done, city officials supported the move.

“This is one of the first street renaming(s) the City Council didn’t have to argue about,” said Jackson City Council President Frank Bluntson.


3 thoughts on “JSU, city officials dedicate University Boulevard

  1. While we appreciate the good work done by the city council in upgrading the face lift of JSU, there is a dire need to fix the roads leading to the University. The road conditions are not great. On behalf of several of us please fix the roads as soon as possible.

  2. Great! Dr.Myers. I hope that the city council members and the Mayor do not let anyone build in the entire area.Simply because Jackson State need all the land we can get,for our new football field.Also,i wish that the city admins.would stop letting everyone build conveince stores all around J-State.

    • You are both correct. The University need to insist that the city respect the culture of the University and carefully determine the kinds of businesses that are needed and should open in the entire area around the school. Additionally, the city should realize the the University is one of the larger job hiring industries in the city, has a major bank in it’s core, and attracts persons from all over for the conferences and services of the University. The University needs to stand up and say constantly we need great streets leading to such a major contributor to Jackson and to Mississippi.

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