JSU professor publishes book examining urban planning in Brazilian city

Posted by Jean Gordon Cook

Evandro C. Santos

(JACKSON, Miss.) – Jackson State University urban and regional planning professor Evandro C. Santos has recently published the book, Curitiba, Brazil, Pioneering in Developing Bus Rapid Transit and Urban Planning Solutions (LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, 2011).

“The book is a good lesson from a city that has developed itself from continuously applying urban planning tools, master plans, and transit instead of automobiles,” said Santos, who holds a Ph.D. in transportation engineering from the University of São Paulo, Brazil. “It is also a great lesson in terms of balancing resources, protecting the environment and developing the bus as a metropolitan public transit solution.”

Santos started researching the book in 2006 during his post-doctoral studies at the University of California at Berkeley. According the book review at amazon.com, Curitiba has become a global model for urban development, environmental preservation and transit. Santos’ book contrasts Curitiba’s design as a Transit Oriented Development (TOD) with Brasilia’s design as a Design Oriented to Traffic (DOT).

The book is available for purchase through amazon.com at: http://www.amazon.com/CURITIBA-BRAZIL/dp/3844332995.


2 thoughts on “JSU professor publishes book examining urban planning in Brazilian city

  1. Brazil, a model of urban planning and engineering!! Doesn’t Brazil have some of the worst traffic in the world?? sao paulo , anyone?

  2. Dr. Santos,
    Thank you for your interest in rapid transportation. In past years, I have provided service in the field of public transportation, and in doing so, I realize how important it is to provide that type of service. Public transportation is significant for the people who need it and the ones who want it. It is vital to utilize this type of transportation service to help protect our environment. Thank you for caring enough to share your time, ideas and expertise in public rapid transit.

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