World Health Organization recognizes JSU’s Global Community Health Training Center

By Jean Gordon Cook

(JACKSON, Miss.) – The World Health Organization has recognized and incorporated Jackson State University’s Global Community Health Training Center into the International Network of Health Technicians Education.

Dr. Aaron Shirley of the Jackson Medical Mall (seated) and Dr. Mohammad Shahbazi (standing) of Jackson State University are leading an effort to train community health workers to staff health houses in Mississippi’s poorest communities.

Located in the Jackson Medical Mall, JSU’s Global Community Health Worker Training Center will start training and certifying Community Health Workers beginning in the spring of 2012.
The training center is part of a project initiated in 2009 by JSU public health professor Dr. Mohammad Shahbazi, who has been leading a group of representatives from international, national and local institutions to establish an innovative, community-centered and cost-effective primary health care system for rural Mississippi.

Dr. Mohammad Shahbazi

“One of the most pressing issues in public discourse nowadays is how to deal with ever-increasing health care cost at a time when the United States and indeed the world economy is weak,” Shahbazi said.

Shahbazi’s efforts have led to the establishment of the Community Health House Network Project, which aims to assure that underserved communities receive basic health care with optimal health education and disease prevention information, to reduce health care costs and improve the health status of the people in underserved communities.

Jackson State applied for official recognition for its community health training center from the World Health Organization after regional representatives from the organization visited the center earlier this year.

“I have the pleasure of announcing to our Jackson family and the beneficiaries of Jackson State University that JSU’s Global Community Health Training Center is now officially part of the World Health Organization’s International Network of Health Technicians Education,” Shahbazi said.

21 thoughts on “World Health Organization recognizes JSU’s Global Community Health Training Center

  1. Congratulations! Thank you for all of your support. You both have been a tremendous support to students, staff, and faculty here at Jackson State University.

    Melinda G. Todd, MPH, MCHES, CPM
    MPH Class of 2003

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  3. Health and wellness begins at home and from the look of the JSU public health students in the photo, half of them are obese or significantly overweight, which is a trend among the student population in the JSU Public Health Department. You can’t help a community get healthy when you’re not!

    • That was precisely my point. I was wondering if anyone else saw the disconnect in that photo.

      The message here: Educate oneself first, before attempting to share information on the subject matter, which one has not fully embraced oneself.

      Ladies, good luck on getting up to speed with putting your health in order.

    • Health and wellness isn’t necessarily obesity. It could be just undeserved communities being able to see the doctor or receive information to better their own lifestyle.

      As for the picture, you can’t see how tall they are, you can’t assume someone is significantly overweight by a picture. You haven’t a clue about that someone’s history or how they were raised or where they are from.

      Health and wellness begins at home, by providing communities the resources they need, they can make better lifestyle choices. Obviously, there wouldn’t be so many problems if families knew how to take care of everything from the get-go.

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  5. congratulation Dr. Shahabazi we are proud of your achievement . Thank you for all the work you have been doing for Jackson State University. Also congratualtion to the school of public health .

  6. Congratulation Dr. Shahbaz. You must be praised for this graet achievemnt and your accomplishment. We know it is very hard to get recognition from WHO.

  7. Congratulations: Drs’ Shirley and Shahbazi, and your team.

    I think it is also essential that the health educators fully comprehend and embrace: health and fitness and diet and exercise in their own personal lives, as well.

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