JSU revives “Challenging Minds, Changing Lives” motto

 Aug. 19, 2011

Dear Jacksonians,

The start of the academic year provides a fresh start for all of us – staff, faculty, and especially our students.

To help remind us about our purpose, Jackson State University will formally revive the motto, “Challenging Minds, Changing Lives.” The motto best projects the transformative power of this great institution.

In order to support this mission, “Challenging Minds, Changing Lives” should be reinstated on all university websites, printed materials and broadcasts.

Thank you for all that you do for Jackson State University.

David Hoard
Vice President for Institutional Advancement, Jackson State University


18 thoughts on “JSU revives “Challenging Minds, Changing Lives” motto

  1. Changing the university motto from ‘Challenging Minds, Changing Lives’ to ‘A Bridge to a Brighter Future” was a perfect example of interim leadership run amuck, among other decisions. The re-instatement of the current motto hones in on what the university is, and should be.

    A victory for visionary leadership, thanks.

  2. I had a hand in the formation of that motto.Strangely enough, orgnaizations, enigneering firms, many, many people are taking a spin on it. Why, you ask? Because, it is the essence of what my/your/our University is all about. That continues to be what we are all about. Thanks to anyone who happened to be at the table.

  3. Thank you Dr. Meyers! It’s about time we got rid of the “out of date” and “out of touch motto” that was plastered on everything! Our “old” “new” motto fits better with the progressiveness of Jackson State University. Jackson State is a classy university and the motto needs to fit the university.

  4. Thank you!!!! It’s absolutely wise to reinstate the motto which speaks out JSU’s role since 1877.
    Yes, thank you, Dr. Mason for your vision for JSU by coming up with this awesome motto!

  5. Challenge and change are two constants we can count on. I thank our new administration for reviving our motto: “Challenging Minds, Changing Lives.”

  6. Thank you!!!! It’s about time to restore the awesome motto ” Challenging Minds, Changing Lives” which is what JSU is all about!

  7. Thank you to those who were instrumental in reinstating the motto that more accurately conveys Jackson State University’s mission to the world.

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