Jackson State University names provost

Jean Gordon Cook

Dr. Mark G. Hardy (right) pictured with U.S. Representative Bennie Thompson during the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the JSU School of Engineering in 2010.

(JACKSON, Miss.) – After a nationwide search, Jackson State University appointed JSU College of Science, Engineering and Technology dean Mark G. Hardy as its new provost and vice president of academic affairs.

“Dr. Hardy is a forward-thinking administrator and an accomplished researcher,” said JSU President Carolyn W. Meyers. “His successful leadership as an academic administrator, along with his dedication to this university, makes him the best person to lead our academic enterprise.”

Now in his 24th year at Jackson State, Hardy, 54, has served as chairperson of the biology department, interim associate vice president of academic affairs, and associate dean of the College of Science, Engineering and Technology. As dean, Hardy oversaw the college’s academic programs that serve 1,800 undergraduate and graduate students.

“I am extremely proud and excited about the opportunity to help lead Jackson State to the next level of excellence,” Hardy said. “As a Jackson State graduate, I’m especially honored to serve my alma mater in this new capacity.”

Hardy earned a bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s degree in mycology, both at Jackson State, in 1980 and 1982 respectively. He earned a doctorate in phycology from the University of Alabama in 1986 and later did postdoctoral work in plant and soil science at Alabama A&M University.


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35 thoughts on “Jackson State University names provost

  1. is this website for feedback or to catch people who disagree with the appointment?
    Dr. Hardy showed that faculty like 5 years old kids. he needs to respect seniority, and tenure.
    he think chair and Deans are free to abuse their faculty and destroy the units.
    He SHOULD listen to faculty concerns by arrange to meet the faculty for each department or school alone, then he can show that he care about faculty.
    Chairs should have 3 years limit.

  2. set limit 3 years on chairs, deans, , then be reviewed .
    meet faculty with out Chairs and Deans to know any serious issues

  3. Dr. Hardy has been away from the class room for over 15 years. He needs to teach a course to feel the hard life of his faculty and students.
    He should change all the chairs and Deans and put them in the class room again.
    Dean and chair are NOT for life like the supreme court.
    When he make changes, then the Deans and chairs will be fair, or get someone from outside Jackson

  4. I am sure you will do well in your new position and we will be here to support you in every way possible (your wife and children). Congratulations!

  5. Dear Dr. Meyers and Dr. Hardy,

    I am proud that Dr. Hardy was chosen as our Vice President and Provost. Dr. Hardy was the Associate Dean when I attended JSU in Industrial Technology. It is wonderful to know that we can build within our organization as well as outside of our organization.

  6. Wow,
    We hoped to get an outsider.
    Now we got kings and queens who care about their people and leave the rest of the staff faculty with nothing.

    • I think Dr. Hardy has been around for too long to know the abuse by Deans and chairs.
      He will make sure………….., check and balance, and abuse of power,,,,
      even he might change the old gaurds to make a healthy and fair work place to all.

    • DR.HARDY

      CEO GAIT

  7. Keep up the good work. Doing yaw’lls thang down there. I love to see black enginuity at its best. Many blessings and congratulations on your present and future success. Most respectfully and re-submitted.

    Bill Blair, CEO/Sr Rf Engineer
    PortalVia, Inc.

  8. Keep up the good work doing yaw’lls thang done there. I love to see black enginuity at its best. Many blessings and congratulations on your present and future success. Most respectfully.

    Bill Blair, CEO/Sr Rf Engineer
    PortalVia, Inc.

  9. Congratulations Dr. Hardy. My family and I are so proud of you and certainly think that you are deserving of this position. We have faith and confidence that you will do an outstanding job as you always do.

    Your fellow Marine & family,
    Charles, Priscilla & Byron

  10. Congratulations Dr. Hardy. My family and I are so proud of you. You have weathered the storm and we think that you are so deserving of this position. We have all faith and confidence that you will do an outstanding job.
    Your fellow Marine & family,
    Charles, Priscilla, & Byron

  11. Personally, I do not know Dr. Hardy. Although, I do know that an excellent choice was made to choose him. I appreciate the search committee for staying within the rims of JSU. It speaks volume in that we have staff and faculty that is certified to do the position
    I further take position in being about the business of serving JSU. To God Be The Glory.

    Eddie Tate
    JSU Alum Always

  12. Congratulations Dr. Hardy! I know you have what it takes to help lead the university in the right direction. You care about education, academic advancement and empowerment, and the well being of our community. The scripture says that “When the righteous are in rule, the people rejoice.” As a student of Jackson State and a contributing member of the Jackson community, I rejoice in this decision.

  13. I am excited to see continuous promotion of one of my favorite professors.He truly has a passion for advancing our youth. Congratulations!

  14. Congratulations to you, Dr. Mark Hardy. We look forward to your continued wise and forward-thinking leadership at Jackson State University.

  15. ‘JSU answers U’…

    It is an excellent customer service component. This is a real positive, and it is necessary.

    I look forward to additional improvements in customer service. Great!

  16. Dr. Hardy:

    Congratulations on ones appointment as the new university provost, and vice-president of academic affairs at Jackson State University. I also wish one a successful tenure in ones new position.

    As mentioned by president Meyers, ‘forward-thinking’ leadership is a critical part in moving the university toward its goal of being the best university in the southeast region.

    Keep an open-mind to new and innovative ideas and be inclusive, and accessible.

  17. Congratulations Dr. Hardy, I am excited about your appointment. We look forward to an exciting new chapter at Jackson State University. Thank you Dr. Meyers.

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