Graduate biology students selected for summer internships

Posted by Jean Gordon Cook


Haleigh Eubanks

Three Jackson State University Department of Biology graduate students have been selected to participate in summer internship programs at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the University of Santa Barbara, and Indiana University at Bloomington.

Haleigh Eubanks of Cleveland, Miss., was selected to attend a summer internship at the Cancer Inflammation Program: Tumor Immunity and Tolerance Section, National Cancer Institute, Fort Detrick, in Frederick, Md. The internship is funded by the National Institutes of Health. Under the guidance of her mentors at NCI, Eubank’s research focus is on the identification of a tumor-suppressive immune cell in prostate cancer with macrophage and mast cell characteristics.

Turquoise Alexander

Turquoise Alexander of Savannah, Ga., is currently completing a summer internship at the University of California at Santa Barbara through its Research Interns in Science and Engineering (RISE) program.  The RISE program provides participants a first-hand experience in scientific investigation in a dynamic and collaborative research environment. Alexander’s research focus at UCSB is on bacterial chemotaxis.


Sakeli Hall

Sakeli Hall of Jackson, Miss., is completing a summer internship at Indiana University at Bloomington. Together with her mentors, Hall is conducting research to determine if the localization and activity of the chromosome passenger complex is required for spindle assembly around kinetochores.

All three graduate students are expected to graduate in May 2012 with a Master of Science degree in biology.


2 thoughts on “Graduate biology students selected for summer internships

  1. Ms. Eubanks,
    Ms. Alexander,
    Ms. Hall,

    Thank you all for your dedication to research. May your research discovery be some of the essentials needed to help with cancer, bacterial chemotaxis and kinetochores. Thanks for caring.

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