JSU Centennial Bite: Did you know that W.C. Gorden…?

by Jamea Adams-Ginyard


W. C. Gordon

In this week’s edition of Centennial Bites, JSUTIGERS.com highlights some of the unknown accomplishments of Jackson State University’s most winningest former football Head Coach W.C. Gorden.

Hometown: Nashville, Tenn.
College: Tennessee State University
Favorite Jazz Artist: Thelonious Monk
Coached: 1975-1991

As head coach of the Jackson State University football team, his team led the nation in attendance at football games in Division I-AA from 1983-1994, or 11 straight years. Moreover, JSU achieved the highest average for attendance in Division I-AA history when it averaged 38,873 fans a game in 1977.

In 1980-81, the NCAA issued its first comprehensive graduation rate scorecard and JSU led the state of Mississippi with a 61.9% graduation rate followed by the University of Mississippi with a 45% graduation rate among football players.

In the 1981-82 season, JSU had 21 former student-athletes playing in the NFL, which placed the school in the top five schools producing professional football players.

Over a period of four years (1985-1988) JSU won 28 straight Southwestern Athletic Conference football games, making them the only SWAC team to beat Grambling State four consecutive years.

From 1980-1990 JSU won eight SWAC Championships.

Jackson State University will celebrate its 100th year of Tiger football during the 2011 season. To help Tiger Fans gear up for this very exciting season, JSUTIGERS.com will feature a series of informative and educational snippets of JSU football history from over the last 100 years, with its Centennial Bites series.


7 thoughts on “JSU Centennial Bite: Did you know that W.C. Gorden…?

  1. As alumni of the graduating class of 1970, it is with pride and a sense of dedication that I am greatly appreciative of the education that I received at Jackson State University. It is presidents like Dr.John Peoples and coaches like Bob Hill, WC Gorden, Paul Convington, Eddie Peyton, and Robert Bradley that this university has become a leader not only in sports, but in education as well. I commend the professors and students who were instrumental in these accomplishments. People like Hilliard Lackey, Sam Jefferson, Larry Belton, Ralph Barney, Daniel Pridgen, Willie Richardson, Richard Porter, and a host of others who contributed to the greatness of this university. Let’s keep the tradition alive by becoming involved like the people mentioned above.

    Clyde W. Jackson

  2. I agree. The boys were a team!!! they ate together, lived together, got in trouble together, punished together up at 4:00am to run, practiced together, and WON together. I understand the NCAA rules if we want to be like them well guess what we weren’t and we placed many in the NFL. Coach CCM take note. Build respect and love for JSU, never should be non graduates!! one who finishes college will have a different attitude about JSU. They will recruit for you!

  3. amaizing!all of a sudden we(the family-j-state)can not do without facilites and high tech gagets like the so called big boys.think about it,fans and alums.coach page and staff,coach hill and staff and coach gorden and staff did not have the luxuries.but hard work discipline,attitude and goining to classes and maintaing ur grade avg.made us great.we recurited high school kids to stay and finish at j-state.and please bring back the winning red white and blue helment logo.we can get the fans back,but we must have a great head coach,athletic director and we already have a great new President,Dr.Myers.love forever,j-state,robert baker-71`.

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