JSU professor co-edits and co-authors new encyclopedia of environmental health

Spencer McClenty

Jackson State University professor Paul B. Tchounwou recently served as one of 28 internationally renowned experts who co-edited the newly published

Paul B. Tchounwou

Encyclopedia of Environmental Health, an authoritative document about the emerging and multidisciplinary area of environmental health.       

The encyclopedia, which was published by Elsevier B.V. in the United Kingdom, is comprised of 431 chapters in four volumes written by leading scientists in the field of environmental health. The book provides a comprehensive overview of various environmental health topics such as Children’s Health and the Environment; Climate Change and Human Health; Ecohealth; Environmental Cancers; Gene-Environment Interactions; Globalization and Environmental Health; Water Quality and Health; and Air Pollution. 

In addition to serving as an editor, Tchounwou authored or co-authored the following chapters: 

  • “Environmental Epidemiology and Human Health: Biomarkers of Disease and Genetic    Susceptibility”
  • “Biotechnology and Advance Environmental Health Research”
  • “Metal-Induced Toxicologic Pathology: Human Exposure and Risk Assessment”  

 Tchounwou, who currently serves as associate dean of the School of Science and Technology in the JSU College of Science, Engineering and Technology and directs the Center for Environmental Health in the National Institutes of Health-funded Research Centers in Minority Institutions at JSU, is internationally recognized for his research on the molecular mechanisms by which environmental agents compromise human health. 

Tchounwou also is the author of 154 peer-reviewed publications and of 386 scientific abstracts and presentations at national and international conferences. He is editor-in-chief of two international journals: Environmental Toxicology An International Journal and International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

For more information about the new encyclopedia, visit the publisher’s link at:   http://www.elsevierdirect.com/article.jsp?pageid=9657


11 thoughts on “JSU professor co-edits and co-authors new encyclopedia of environmental health

  1. Professor Paul B. Tchounwou… to see all these outstanding accomplishments after every other month shows how hardworking you are. Please keep it up!

  2. Congratulation Dr. Tchounwou. As students, we take pride and ackonwledge all that you and your fellow Proffesors acomplish, as they all serve as learning tools for us.

  3. Congratulations to Dr.Tchounwou on your great accomplishments and they are JSU accomplishments, too.
    Congratualtions again!!!

  4. Congratulations to Professor Paul B. Tchounwou for this great accomlishment. Great positive publicity for JSU.

    Professor Ernest B. Izevbigie

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