JSU student selected for Hydrogeophysics summer course at Penn State University

by Spencer McClenty

Stone Abdullah

Jackson State University student Stone Abdullah has been selected to participate in the Penn State Hydrogeophysics Field Experience at Penn State University. The program, which enrolls eight students, is a three-week summer course where students learn about hydrogeology and environmental geophysics through field work, data analysis, and numerical modeling.

“We’ll study the earth’s water system, which is vitally important to understanding the earth as a system, rather than the individual components that make up the system,” said Abdullah, a 24-year-old Earth Systems Sciences major.

The program began on May 16 and ends June 3. Students will conduct field work, build instrumentation, construct numerical models, and spend time in the classroom learning about hydrogeology and geophysics. 

“I want to learn as much as possible,” says Abdullah, who calls himself a ‘nature boy.’  “Maybe I’ll finally learn how to swim, but overall I want to learn the skills of fundamental field hydrology and apply those to my future research and ultimately my Ph.D from Penn State.” 

The class is designed for students interested in academic and professional careers, and will teach skills sought after by both future employers and graduate schools in the context of real-world problems. Lodging, meals, and travel are covered, and a stipend of $500 is provided to each participant.


11 thoughts on “JSU student selected for Hydrogeophysics summer course at Penn State University

  1. Congratulations and this shows that JSU is doing an excellent job in educating our young men and women.

  2. Congratulations on your selection to participate in PSHFE at Penn State, Stone!

    Be safe, have fun and I hope this course meet your learning objectives.

  3. ASA Mr. Abdullah,

    What a wonderful experience for a student full of enthusiasm and the desire to work hard. I pray you reap the benefits desired to aid you in future endeavor. I am sure you will serve as a beacon of light illuminating the caliber of students attending our HBCU – Jackson State. Bonne Chance!, Buena Suerta!, and Jazakamulla Khairun!!!

  4. Congratulations Mr. Abdullah, this is an opportunity for academic interchange as well as a chance to represent JSU!

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