JSU Bridge to the Doctorate students intern in India and Poland

Posted by Jean Gordon Cook

JSU interns working in India include Kyle Swanier (front row, left), Maria Dixon-Smith, Ravin Bryd, Jameka Grigsby, Turquoise Alexander (back row, left), Antrice Walker and Sakeli Hall. Interns Haleigh Eubanks and Antoneicka Harris are not featured in the picture.

On May 7, two groups of students from the Louis Stokes Mississippi Alliance for Minority Participation (LSMAMP) Bridge to the Doctorate program at the Jackson State University College of Science, Engineering and Technology traveled to India and Poland to start three-week summer internships conducting research in specialized areas of science and technology.

The group that went to India is comprised of nine graduate students from the JSU Biology Department. While in India, the students will conduct biotechnology-related research at the People Education Society of Institute of Technology (PESIT) in Bangalore. JSU vice president for research and federal relations Felix Okojie, LSMAMP director Abdul Mohamed and associate provost James Maddirala worked in collaboration with V. Krishna Murthy, professor and head of the department of biotechnology at PESIT and the Indian Institute of Technology, to secure the internship.

JSU interns in Poland include Marquita Watkins (front row, left), Marcy Pilate, Lionel Lovett (back row, left) and Takia Wheat.

The group that went to Poland is comprised of four graduate students who are interning at the Laboratory of Environmental Chemometrics at the University of Gdansk. The students will be performing research in specific areas of environmental science, under the guidance of Piotr Urbaszek, who is a former postdoctoral fellow of Jerzy Leszczynski at JSU.  The internship arrangement was made possible through an ongoing collaboration between Leszczynski and the JSU Chemistry department and Tomasz Puzyn from the University of Gdansk.   

All students travelling to India and Poland understand the importance of global education and the benefits of being global students. After returning from abroad, the students will head to either the Indiana University, the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences, Oakridge National Laboratory, EDRC or the University of California Santa Barbara for additional summer research internships.

The (LSMAMP) Bridge to the Doctorate program is a highly interactive and secure pathway for under-represented minority students to earn doctoral degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines.  Funded through the National Science Foundation, the program includes student stipends, funding for the first two years of graduate school at JSU, and then a bridge to doctoral programs such as Albany Medical College, Carnegie Mellon University, the Georgia Institute of Technology, Howard University, Princeton University, the University of Mississippi Medical Center and Vanderbilt University, just to name a few. Students also receive mentoring, academic enrichment, research experiences, opportunity to travel abroad to conferences and access to top scientists and engineers.

For more information about the LSMAMP Bridge to the Doctorate program at Jackson State University, contact Martha Tchounwou, director of student services at the JSU College of Science, Engineering and Technology, at 601-979-1604 or martha.n.tchounwou@jsums.edu.


4 thoughts on “JSU Bridge to the Doctorate students intern in India and Poland

  1. Guys: This is a wondrous cultural and educational experience. All the success in your career endeavours.

  2. This is a tremendous opportunity to travel and interact with other cultures. Enjoy your studies. I only wish that all of these opportunities were available when I was in college at JSU in 1975.

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