JSU’s Mass Communications program is officially reaccredited

Tommiea King


Jackson State University’s Department of Mass Communications has great news to report! The program was unanimously reaccredited by the full council of ACEJMC at its meeting held on April 29 in Portland, Oregon. This marks the end of the three steps of ACEJMC accreditation process.

“We are all very excited,” said interim department chair Olorundare Aworuwa. “Everyone really has worked together as a team.”

Since earning a provisional accreditation in 2009, the department has installed new computers and software, revised its curriculum and made solid steps to improve student diversity. The council will return in four years for its next review of the program. The department is a part of the university’s School of Communications in the College of Liberal Arts. Established in 1978, the department earned its first accreditation in 1984 and introduced its first master’s program in 1981. In 2008, the department relocated from Blackburn Hall on the main campus to the Mississippi e-Center@JSU on Raymond Road in Jackson. In addition to the traditional classrooms, the facility offers classroom computer labs and editing labs. It is also home of the department’s instructional television studio JSU22 and the university’s commercial television station, JSU-TV.


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