Dr. Jimmie James Jr. establishes endowed scholarship for music students

Tommiea J. King

Dr. Carolyn Meyers (left) and Dr. Jimmie James

 Retired Jackson State University music professor Jimmie James Jr. has established the Jimmie and Carrie James Endowed Scholarship.  In a meeting with President Carolyn Meyers on Thursday, James talked about the passion he and his late wife shared for education.

“We believed that students should not be denied a college education because of their inability to pay,” James said. “Scholarships are necessary.”

The scholarship, established with a check for $20,100, will be available to students studying music and aims to support the music department’s goal of attracting and retaining promising students. Students may apply for the scholarship beginning Spring 2012.

“We certainly appreciate your investment in us,” Meyers said. “Scholarships make the future possible and dreams come true.”

James retired from JSU in 2009 after 43 years of dedicated service as a teacher, band director, and music department chairman. The Hattiesburg native was most commonly known as the voice of the Sonic Boom of the South, a position he held since his first year of employment at JSU.

James began his professional career in 1966, six years after graduating from the then Jackson State College. He was Jackson State’s first tuba major.

For more information on this and other scholarships, contact Linda Daniels at 601-979-6942.


13 thoughts on “Dr. Jimmie James Jr. establishes endowed scholarship for music students

  1. It’s good to hear that a great AME is doing great work in the community, outside the structural walls of the church. Your work in improving th music program in the AME Church is appreciated. Congratulations to Dr. Jimmie James, Jr.

  2. Awesome! Thanks to the great Dr. Jimmie James, Jr. for another contribution to the school we love. You and your wonderful wife, Ms. Carrie James, will forever be known and treasured for your deeds of greatness. All Jacksonians who respect our music tradition, former music majors, and band members are encouraged to make annual contributions to the Jimmie and Carrie James Endowed Scholarship Fund.

  3. Few walk in the path of righteousness and give from the heart. Jimmie you have a big heart, have been a pillar of strength, and a role model for the Jackson State University family all these years. This scholarship endowment in your name and Carrie’s will certainly enable deserving students to attend this fine institution. As secretary of NASPAAM (National Association for the Study and Performance of African American Music)it goes without saying that you make us proud!

  4. JSU was a blessing to you and your late wife now you are returning those blessings. It is very rewarding and encouraging to those that will come behind you; do not forget about JSU. The University has been a blessing to many of us who only knew about JSU and the other HBCU schools in the state. God Bless You.

  5. Dr. James and the late Mrs. James are a true testimony of the wonderful JSU family, AME church, and just good people.

  6. Dr. James, you have been a positive influence, mentor and the Voice of the “Boom” for more than 43 years. I know the rewards of that labor will last through many more lives because of your generosity. Be energetic and blessed as you enjoy your retirement.
    We miss you!

  7. Another fine example of a true leader and dedicated educator! Dr. Jimmie James has been very a very instrumental person in my life as well as my family. He was my dad’s band director at Earl Travillion Attendance Center in Hattiesburg, MS, when he first got his teaching degree. Continue the legacy Dr. James!

  8. Excellent example of a HBCU Alumnus who believes in his Alma Mater, believes in the future of youth and who believes in giving back. This act of generosity conveys a positive message to Jackson State University community. Thanks Doc, may God continue to bless you and grant you longevity.

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