Jackson State students march in support of Scott Sisters

by Lindsey Walker
JSU Student

“What do we want?

 Full Pardon!

When do we want it?


These words were chanted by hundreds of people, including students from Jackson State University, Tougaloo College and Fort Valley State University, as they marched through downtown Jackson Friday, April 1, insisting that the Scott Sisters receive a full pardon from Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour.  The people marched from Farish Street to the State Capitol Building, holding signs and singing songs to show support for Jamie and Gladys Scott, who received two consecutive life sentences for participating in an armed robbery in 1993.

They were released on parole January 7, 2011 and are required to pay the state of Florida, where they now live, $64 a month. During the “Meet the Scott Sisters” event held on Jackson State’s main campus in the College of Liberal Arts after the march, the Scott Sisters expressed their humble gratitude.

“Gladys and I are very thankful for the support you all are showing as we never thought we would see the day that we would be free”, Jamie said.  When asked what the support of Jackson State Students meant to them, Jamie replied, “It’s powerful. Young people are not afraid to stand up and be involved with something that means so much”.

Michael Teasley, president of the JSU NAACP chapter, received a certificate for his involvement in the Scott Sisters Committee on Jackson State’s campus.  “I am glad to be the voice on my campus about the injustices of incarceration”, Teasley said.


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