Jackson State NAACP to host Scott Sisters for march and meeting

Spencer McClenty

Jamie (left) and Gladys Scott

The Jackson State University chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) will host the event, “Come Meet the Scott Sisters” at 2 p.m., Friday, April 1 in the JSU Liberal Arts Building, Room 266, which is located on the university’s main campus. The event will be preceded by a protest march at 10 a.m. in downtown Jackson from the Farish Street Park to the State Capitol Building.
            The purpose of the march is to demand a full pardon for Jamie and Gladys Scott, who were convicted of orchestrating a 1993 armed robbery in Forest, Mississippi. Both sisters received double life sentences. On December 29, 2010, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour suspended their sentences on the condition that Gladys donate a kidney to her ailing sister. The two women were released from prison on January 7, 2011, but must remain on parole and pay the state of Florida, where they’ll reside, $52 a month for the rest of their lives.
            “This is very important,” said Michael Teasley, president of the JSU NAACP chapter. “We can use the Scott Sisters case to bring light and raise awareness about the injustices that has been conflicting Mississippi for decades. We are in an era of mass incarceration when we should be trying to educate and not incarcerate.”
            The “Meet the Scott Sisters” event will be followed by a Community Strategy Session at 6 p.m., also in the JSU Liberal Arts Building, room 266. For more information contact Michael Teasley at 662-528-6363.

4 thoughts on “Jackson State NAACP to host Scott Sisters for march and meeting

  1. I was disappointed when the Scott sisters were at a trail of a man accused of molesting his young daughters. I believe their presence made a big difference in the outcome of the trail. They had nothing to do with this trail but their lawyer paraded them around using them to win this case. The Scott sisters chose to do the crime they did but these young girls was truly victimized and raped.

  2. It is ridiculous how racism will never die in the South. The main damn whites that be in church all day on Sundays and three-four times a week are still racisis. How can that be possible? If God is for us, who can be against us. The Scott sisters was sentenced double life sentence and tehy did not even commit a crime nor did they have a previous criminal record. I don’t understand, the system is really messed up. I hate the system, and I dislike Barbour for doing what he has done. He only let them out to make him look good. The sister has to give the other a kidney. Awww, how sweet but has to pay parole fees for the rest of there lives. I don’t understand at all. God knows whose fake and whose real. He knows the ones that will receive their blessings. All these old racisis whites will not be rewarded in God’s eyes. It shouldn’t depend on a person color for the way you should treat them. It should depend on a person’s character. I hope one day the ones that are so dirty reap what they sow. Have a blessed day racisis mf’s.

    • Do the crime pay the time. They lured a man did they not in the commission of a felony? If they had pulled that in Florida they wouldn’t have the luxury of paying a kidney or $52 a month for their crimes. Oh, and there are not ANY racist Blacks, huh? Your last sentence shows you as a hypocrite to what you say the Whites are doing! Stop blaming others, or in this case, Whites for your own problems. We expect others to do for us that which we are unwilling to do for ourselves. Man up or shut up and quit whining!

  3. I wonder if the governor is done giving pardons out to guys convicted of murder. He had a hand in the one with the kid from pascagoula. These girls never murdered anyone. He really should do unto others as he would hope that others, would do unto him. Isn’t that one of the golden rules?

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