JSU becomes charter member of the National Academy of Inventors, professor appointed to journal editorial board

By Jean Gordon Cook



Carolyn Meyers

Jackson State University recently became a charter member institution of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI), which was founded at the University of South Florida to recognize inventors who have a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The academy works to enhance the visibility of university technology and academic innovation, mentors innovative students, and translates the inventions of its members to benefit society.

JSU chemistry professor Ken Lee, who is the co-inventor of “Mammalian Agmatinase Inhibitory Substance” (Patent No: US 7,347,984 B2), has been appointed to the editorial board of the NAI international journal, Technology and Innovation-Proceedings of the National Academy of Inventors, published by Cognizant Communication Corporation.In a related development, the JSU-licensed spinoff company Edo Botanics, Inc., was recently approved by the Government of Nigeria National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control to manufacture and sell Edotide Plus Bitter Leaf capsules in Nigeria. JSU biology professor Ernest Izevbigie owns the company, which is approved by the Mississippi University Research Authority. This accomplishment is the culmination of several years of research at Jackson State University that has resulted in several patents assigned to JSU by the U.S. Patent Office and licensed by JSU to Edo Botanics Inc.

“We are honored to be a charter member of this organization,” said JSU President Carolyn Meyers. “These developments are part of the critical and strategic vision of my administration to move our research to the commercial arena, make visible our academic intellectual capital to society at large, and recognize the contributions of scientist–inventors across all disciplines of our university community.”

JSU vice president for research and federal relations Felix A. Okojie said Jackson State is proud to be among the select group of NAI’s charter member universities and expects JSU’s participation in NAI will encourage innovation.

“With the present and potential budgetary constraints, the university is constantly looking for new sources of revenue to supplement our budget,” Okojie said. “Encouraging and facilitating faculty and staff imagination and ingenuity to be inventors is a pathway to patents, licenses, and income generation for the university.”

The Jackson State University community congratulates Ken Lee on his appointment to the NAI editorial board and Ernest Izevbigie for translating his research invention to a product that is gaining international recognition and meeting societal needs.


8 thoughts on “JSU becomes charter member of the National Academy of Inventors, professor appointed to journal editorial board

  1. I am so excited to hear about the GREAT and POSITIVE things that are taking place in my undergraduate department! CONGRATS!!!

  2. Congratulations, JSU.

    Great to see JSU faculty researchers in a position to take advantage of this opportunity.

    This is huge!

  3. This is how it is done – practical application of knowledge. Congratulations to Drs. Lee, Izevbigie, and Okojie and thanks to Dr. Meyers for her leadership.

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