Dr. Carolyn W. Meyers named preferred candidate for presidency of Jackson State University

 The Board of Trustees of the State Institutions of Higher Learning announced today the selection of Dr. Carolyn W. Meyers as the preferred candidate for the presidency of Jackson State University.

Dr. Carolyn W. Meyers

Dr. Meyers has over 30 years of experience in higher education, serving most recently as president of Norfolk State University in Norfolk, Va.

Prior to serving as president of Norfolk State University, Dr. Meyers served as Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs for North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. She has also served as a professor of mechanical engineering and dean of the College of Engineering at the same institution. Dr. Meyers served as a program director for the National Science Foundation for two years.

Dr. Meyers was recommended by the Board Search Committee, chaired by Trustee Bob Owens, with input from the Campus Search Advisory Committee and the Interview Search Advisory Committee following careful review of all applications and two rounds of interviews.

“I would like to thank Trustee Bob Owens for his service as chair and for the other members of the Board Search Committee for serving on this important committee,” said Dr. Bettye Neely, president of the Board of Trustees of the State Institutions of Higher Learning. “Their hard work and dedication are evident in the selection of this excellent candidate.”

Dr. Meyers holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Howard University in Washington, D.C., a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. In addition, Dr. Meyers earned a doctorate from the Georgia Institute of Technology’s School of Chemical Engineering.

“I would like to thank the Campus Search Advisory Committee, under the leadership of Dr. Hardy and Mr. Woodard, for their time, insight and expertise,” said Bob Owens, chair of the Board Search Committee for the Jackson State University presidential search, an ad hoc committee of the Board of Trustees. “Their input was an essential part of this process and helped the Board Search Committee tremendously as we weighed carefully the credentials of each candidate. I look forward to the entire Jackson State family having the opportunity to meet Dr. Meyers on her visit to the campus.”

 Campus listening sessions were held in September with constituency groups for the members of the Board Search Committee and the Campus Search Advisory Committee to hear what qualities and qualifications stakeholders believed the next institutional executive officer should possess. After careful review of all applicants, the Campus Search Advisory Committees submitted the names of several candidates unranked to the Board Search Committee and selected the Interview Search Advisory Committee. The Board selected the candidates to be interviewed and two rounds of interviews were held.

 Members of the Campus Search Advisory Committee include Dr. Jasmine Chapman, Terry Woodard, Deshun Martin, Dr. John Peoples, Dr. Hilliard Lackey, Dr. Lelia Gaston Rhodes, Alysia Lajune, Dr. Felix Okojie, Dr. Jean Claude Assad, Dr. Sophia Leggett, Dr. Patsy Daniels, Dr. Mark Hardy, Dr. Rosella Houston, Dr. Glenda Glover, Dr. Mahasin Owens-Sabir, Dr. Otha Burton, Arianna S. Elliott, Andross K. Milteer, Robert Cook, Bobby Sutton, Ben Allen, Meredith Creekmore, Leland Speed, Barbara Blackmon, Dr. Gwen Prater, W.C. Gorden, Dr. Curtina Moreland-Young.

 “Having input from every segment of the Jackson State community has led us to the right person for this time in Jackson State’s history,” said Dr. Mark Hardy, co-chair of the Campus Search Advisory Committee. “Dr. Meyers has a vision for the future of Jackson State and the experience to turn that vision into reality.”

 Dr. Meyers will meet with campus constituency groups on a visit to the main campus in Jackson. The visit will be held on Wednesday, December 1, beginning at 8:00 a.m. All sessions will be held in the JSU Student Center. While all sessions are open to the public, each session focuses on the needs of a specific constituency group.

 “Dr. Meyers impressed us with her outstanding educational and professional background as well as her passion for Jackson State University,” said Terry Woodard, co-chair of the Campus Search Advisory Committee and president of the Jackson State University National Alumni Association. “She understands where we have been and how far we can go in the future. We, the alumni, are on board and ready work in collaboration with Dr. Meyers and her team.”

Tentative Schedule for Preferred Candidate Visit
Time Meeting
8:00 a.m. Community Leaders
8:45 a.m. Deans, Division Chairs, Department Heads and Senior Program Officers
9:30 a.m. Faculty
10:15 a.m. Staff
11:00 a.m. Students
12:45 p.m. National Alumni Association/Development Foundation President and Alumni Representatives
1:30 p.m. Open Meeting for Campus and Community
2:00 p.m. National Alumni Association/Development Foundation President and Alumni Representatives
3:00 p.m. Board of Trustees Meeting
4:00 p.m. Press Conference

The Board of Trustees meeting will be held at 3:00 p.m. Members of the Board may participate in the meeting via teleconference. The public may attend in the Ballroom B in the JSU Student Center. An executive session may be held in accordance with the Open Meetings Act.

 The Mississippi Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning governs the public universities in Mississippi, including Alcorn State University; Delta State University; Jackson State University; Mississippi State University including the Mississippi State University Division of Agriculture, Forestry and Veterinary Medicine; Mississippi University for Women; Mississippi Valley State University; the University of Mississippi including the University of Mississippi Medical Center; and the University of Southern Mississippi.


75 thoughts on “Dr. Carolyn W. Meyers named preferred candidate for presidency of Jackson State University

  1. Well, I wonder how everyone that wrote all of these complimentary compliments about Dr Meyers feel now?? I don’t know how you hire someone as president without doing a background check first. She left Norfolk State under some fishy circumstances, and came to JSU and did the same thing. SMH I hope the JSU actually did a background check on the next hire.

  2. Dear Dr. Meyers……. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You have always demonstrated a deep passion for education. Thanks for advising me during my graduate research activities and our time together at GT. I look forward to connecting with you again for global research and education opportunities.

  3. I think Dr.Carolyn Meyers is the best president so if I were you I would be happy because she is your only president at Jackson State University so if I were you I would be very very very very very very very happy,proud,and excited

  4. Constant Struggle Even In The Worst Of Times Brings About Progress. I believe Dr. Carolyn Meyers will SUCCEED. Welcome to the SWAC

  5. Congrats to Carolyn Meyers. JSU is very fortunate in having such a women as their president. I have worked for Dr. Meyers back years ago when she began teaching at Georgia Tech. I have kept in touch with her since then and know the kind of person she is. One of the most important things to know about what Dr. Meyers expects is, if you say you will do it, then do it. And the utmost, never ever lie to her. She is a women of integrety, high expectations of those that are around her. Just working with her will inspire others to step it up. She treats everyone as a person, not because of the title you hold, money you have, color of your skin, religion, sex or where you come from. It has been an honor to know her for the past 26 years.

  6. I believe we need a president who is able to raise money for our university. Jackson State is broke and we need a president who has the will power and the experience to take our ole dear college home to the next level. I have yet to see that on Dr. Myers resume. We need a president who has a very strong background in making things happen!!

  7. We welcome Dr. Meyers or any one who the process bring to JSU.
    We respect the process and
    our job is to make JSU successful together whoever is the president, provost, Deans,,,, etc.
    We hope some civility from students, alumni or whoever use the site.

    • I guess someone stepped on your toes or hurt your feelings. Someone above you hit a nerve. So you want some one to have regard for others in a formal or perfunctory politeness. The TRUTH is the TRUTH and sometimes the TRUTH hurts. I see you are a tenured professor, when did you become tenured, the professors that continue to attempt to make tenured are discriminanted against for various reasons, mostly because our classes fill before ‘you all do”. Is it because we are fair educators and students actually learn from us. Im not tenure because my students like me more than other professors in my department. Im like a good coach i give the student the tools and skills to be successful we practice (class days), individual practice (tutor/conference hours) and on game day (test) I feel I put my students in the best position to win (pass). AND NO IM NOT A COACH. I AM REAL TEACHER that is disliked by faculty because I actually teach.

    • I remember Carolyn Myers as a teacher in materials science at Georgia Tech. I remember that she was an excellent teacher, expecting students to do what was required and also teaching with enthusiasm.

  8. We need someone that is going to bring back the tradition to the Sonic Boom that were lost during the Lewis Liddell era!

    “Swing-n-Sway, Straight lines, Big Band Sound and Showmanship!

    Let McGruder stay where he is! We don’t need another Liddell prodigy as Band Director, we already have one (Murray) and he is not the person for the job! Sonic..Sonic..Sonic..Sonic…Boom!

    • I disagree Magruder is not a Liddell prodigy, another reason he left, however when Magruder was Ast. DOB the band had a much better sound, he worked and made sure the music was crisp clean and had the BIG BAND sound and when it was time to crank he let the band loose. He also believed in “SHAKING THE TREE” to see who knew the music in front of everyone. This brought about accountability and musicianship, members striving to be their best to keep from being embarrassed. He left because Liddell wudnt hear or consider his efforts to change the field show into a more showmanship routine while keeping tradition. I dislike SU,ASU, & FAMU but some of their field shows are much more entertaining than ours. Note: J5 is nolonger J5 its J2, J3, & J4. Just an opinion. go to youtube listen to the bands of 01 02 03 and listen to the 10 09 08. music wise im telling we have fell off but because of the name SONIC BOOM we still get alot of good musicians recruited. Murray is SLAW as they come he is in the same category with Ringold. SLAW SLAW then hes an ALCORNITE can we get a JSU alum.

  9. II heard Myers loves the marching band! I hope she brings Stephanie Sanders to JSU from Norfolk as JSU’s next marching Band Director!

  10. president-Leslie-Burl-Mclemore proved that he got the iron hand to make good changes. He should stay as president until July 1st to do and Finish this house cleaning.
    He showed vision by such changes in the top.

    This is why maybe the administrators and running fast to get someone fast in his place.

    • Mclemore only changed the motto and fired admin that didnt bow down to him. His ideas were met head on by opposition and he wasn’t man enought to accept the criticism. The direction of the university needs to be a collective brainstorm amongst all memeber of the institution not just the chief. Students, faculty, alum, deans, chairs, vp, exec, ihl, etc. Does anyone know who really pushed for the new school of engineering, renovation of dixon hall, campbell suites, walter payton wellness center, executive ph.d program, the new student union, and current expansions added to the univeristy and promotion of research and grant money. If you don’t know Mclemore fired that doctor he will be in the unemployment line as he finishes teaching his classes this semester.

      I see alot of uproar from the faculty on here. I know what you want you want more money right. Well teach first. Half of you all we cant even understand because of your accent. And no im not talking about the Asians i am refering to the Africans. Your accents are heavy and you all are the most honory individuals on earth. Because your students ask you a questions or repeat that doesn’t mean you talk down to them and think they are stupid. If we (students) already knew what you were talking about why would we be in college duh…. it doesnt take a rocket scienctist to figure that out. I think the university should take in account the SARS evaluation of teachers/professors/check getters and see this is actually good feed back. Just because you have a doctorate does not mean you know how to teach. I wonder why to teach in elementary, middle, and high school they give a battery of test and “student teaching”…… to evaluate how effective you are on reaching the STUDENT with the objectives. Alot of professor have their Ph.d and dont care about the students knowing anything. First get off your high horse when you are teaching you are not talking to your fellow peer (other Doctors etc) you are instructing kids fresh out of high school who need to be taught not self taught. If a students ask you a question you should not answer its in the book. What are you for? If its in the book fire the faculty put all the books in the library and let the students teach themselves and take a test on a computer or something.

      We as Jackson State University need to get it together as a whole. We have a good school but their is room for improvement. I say we start with the Math department. The average non science major takes College algebra at min 4 times. The average Science Major takes them 5-6 years to graduate due to the class offerings. This sucks I call for Dr. Kwebe’s head and Dr. Hardys if he doesnt get CSET in line. GOD REST HIS SOUL BUT DR. WHITE HAD BETTER ORGANIZATION OF CSET. The best math professors are CHEN, WOFO SO, ZHANG, JEFFERSON, DIATTA, AND THAT IS ABOUT IT. We need TUCKER, COURSE, SANDERS, STEIN, WHITE, AND PAN BACK AND SOME ONE TO TELL GENTRY EVERYTHING IS NOT COLLEGE ALGEBRA AND WAKE UP AND TEACH AND HE WOULD BE A TOP PROFESSOR. The faculty under some CSET directions are not satisfactory. Just becasue you are chair does not mean you can be an A hole to your faculty and be little them and do what u did why you were at Chicago State University. Students take test to gauge profieciency in a subject matter, who is testing the faculty to gauge their level of effectiveness. NO ONE. THEY have a Ph.d ok lets keep them for accrediation who cares if the 8000+ students who are paying for an education is not receiving a well rounded education and fair chance. Do you know why our Asian counter parts are far more advanced in education they are disciplined and their instructors are more concerned with the students grasping the objective than being able to get around their peers and say i flunked a third of my class. I took some classes in China and i really wish i could have finished there I learned so much more than I did here.

      I love JSU it has a rch tradition and alot of my family graduated from their but they dont recall the educational atmosphere that currectly looms over the university. JUST ADDRESS the REAL ISSUES. I think the FACULTY is the #1 concern the President needs to have. If the building is named after you go home. If no one is grasping the concepts you are teaching look in the mirror sometimes. If you want a raise TEACH, RESEARCH, WRITE GRANTS, START PROGRAMS, be more involved with the univeristy that you work for. Understand that everyone isnt going to master each objective but when your whole class fails come on its not all their fault.

      I’m glad in some ways that mason is out beacuse his eyes were on the $$$$$$$. As president remember who you oversea, the future, the same future that will be leading when you retire do you want them to be halfway taught?? could you sleep at night knowing that every student didnt get a fair chance at a good education.


      • Wow. If half of this statement is true, I think other alumni and myself should pull our contributions to the university. I have family that are following in my footsteps at JSU, however if this is the condition of the university faculty it must be the number one priority of the university and not who is in charge. I will be contacting you because I work with IHL and if this is going on the president position is not the issue we should be concerned with at this present time.

      • Wow! You really made some serious accusations. Unfortunately, I am aware of quite a few of them. You are absolutely correct, the current state of this university is despicable.

  11. Is this a way to sell someone who was in the search committee.
    the new President should NOT/will not payback anyone at the search committee. It will be conflict of interest.

    anonymous Says:
    November 24, 2010 at 5:30 am | Reply


    I see a leadership team spearheaded by a STRONG & DYNAMIC DUO in Dr. Carolyn Meyers and Dr. Felix Okojie. GREATTTTTTTT!!!!!

  12. Members of the Campus Search Advisory Committee include Dr. Jasmine Chapman, Terry Woodard, Deshun Martin, Dr. John Peoples, Dr. Hilliard Lackey, Dr. Lelia Gaston Rhodes, Alysia Lajune, Dr. Felix Okojie, Dr. Jean Claude Assad, Dr. Sophia Leggett, Dr. Patsy Daniels, Dr. Mark Hardy, Dr. Rosella Houston, Dr. Glenda Glover, Dr. Mahasin Owens-Sabir, Dr. Otha Burton, Arianna S. Elliott, Andross K. Milteer, Robert Cook, Bobby Sutton, Ben Allen, Meredith Creekmore, Leland Speed, Barbara Blackmon, Dr. Gwen Prater, W.C. Gorden, Dr. Curtina Moreland-Young.

    • give us examples! when did you meet? in why?
      It is a ?? why leaving nice placer such as her current place to move to JSU??
      she need to make commitment to change the old guards,, but hay
      ,,, who was on the search committee??
      the old Guards did choose her, the search committee had maybe 20% faculty and the rest Deans, VP, Ex Deans who looked for someone who will keep them secured.
      How much is she going to make? we have big budget cut, is she going to share the sacrifice with the faculty, staff and students?

  13. take easy, and ask questions next week during her visit.
    Why she wants to come to JSU,
    what she is going to do to support faculty? Does she think university is mostly administrator, or faculty are the backbone of any college?
    Is she going to change the old guards?
    Is there term limit for Deans and Chairs?
    Is she going to spend more on the president and administrations (Dr. Mason created Chief of Staff and waste the budget on administration, housing,,)
    Or spend on faculty and education.
    Why she is leaving a nice job in VA?
    Her answers might help you to know something.

    • If faculty would come to work and do what they suppose to do then you will have no problems. Except for one lady that teach a certain freshmen class she never do anything in class but give out handouts. Just walk around to a few buildings on Friday very few people teach and some of my friends will be having there exam next week JSU have a lot of lazy faculty members///

  14. Let’s take a moment to remove the long logs in our own eyes before trying to remove the speck in Dr. Myers’ eye. Dozens have run their mouths like a vehicle without brake. Many vipers-like individuals have welcomed the new President with unwarranted salvos comments in an attempt to convict and crucify her without any trial. These are the groups of people that Malcolm Gladwell referred to in his book titled “Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking.” Let’s not be paranoid with the power-of-senselessness before we have the opportunity to experience it. There is definitely a distinction between an asset and a liability. Any business entity, be it for-profit or not-for-profit that wants to continue to remain a “going-concern” always prefers a bad-leader with good team over a good-leader with bad-team. In essence a good-team will always tranform a bad-plan to a good one while bad-team transforms good plan to a bad one. Where do you stand team-members? I hope you can just get along (Rodney King) and borrow a leaf from the comment that Dr. Hilliard Lackey posted on November 24, at 4:46PM. Let us support the new “Captain” in her quest to steer the ship of this great institution (JSU) to a safe harbor.

    “Today is not yesterday. We ourselves change. How then, can our works and thoughts, if they are always to be fittest, continue always the same. Change, indeed, is painful, yet ever neeful; and if memory has its force and worth, so also has hope.” Carlye.

    Question: Why do we rejoice at birth and cry at funeral? Critics, evaluate yourselves and see if you are Alice in Wonder Land still living in a fantacy Island!

  15. The fate, future and well-being of our alma mater ultimately rest with the collective support of students, alumni, faculty, staff and other stakeholders. The leadership of the president is crucial but not ultimate. Strangely, we know not the names of most college presidents at top flight institutions primarily because the support base is so influential and the momentum so auspicious that the president is merely the captain of the ship and not “The Ship.”

    Let’s support Jackson State University with resources available to us such as funds, freshmen, friends, and fellowship with one another. This feedback is tremendous but without the foregoing becomes mere rhetoric. Give money, recruit, promote, and stick together! Let’s build the big ship and let the captain steer be it Mason, McLemore or Myers.
    Godspeed Captain Myers> Onward and upward. We have your back.

  16. While we applaud the accomplishments of Dr. Meyers, we want to be careful not to pull her in to a situation that is brewing with budget cuts and a top heavy administration. What some see is an opportunity may actually be leading her down a road of being used to dismantle JSU.

    At this juncture maybe we should consider extending the search. Three degrees in engineering is wonderful. Fundraising is said to be one of the major jobs of a President, but so far the bragging rights in fundraising have not surfaced. Strengthening alumni relations is also important. We need to see a full bio. I pray for the career of Dr. Meyer, but we have to do our best to help her and not let her be blinded and used to serve a underlying effort to close HGBCU’s.

    It appears on the surface that JSU should be entitled to have a President at a very minimum who is from this State, with a strong commitment and understanding of the state. We keep bringing in leadership from outside of our state. One or two things have happened over the years; the powers that be choose our leaders and wave $ under their nose and they sell out to the people that want JSU and other HBCU’s gone.

    The strength of a people is in knowing who they are, understanding and valuing their heritage. Unfortunately we are not being allowed to do that. The hurtful past of how African Americans have been treated is at a point where we want so much to be accepted by the majority race that we go willingly to be slaughtered(a softer word does not resonate at the moment). The majority institutions and our state finally admitted that years of unfair funding occurred and then happily told us we can not afford to give you what you deserve, the state is in a bind for funds. Then promised to raise funds, but to this day they have not made good on that commitment.

    God sees all and knows all. His Word proclaims that what you do to the least of them that you do unto me. Let the JSU family, alumni, students, faculty, staff and community decide on our leader. Please IHL don’t just hand us off to someone. According to the word of God all that you do behind close doors that does not serve His purpose will be revealed.

    Leading by example is what we need. I also beg the preferred candidate to think long and hard about whether she will be used against our community and institution. What seemingly shines as gold maybe a set up to use you. When people offer you something that does not seem just right, please know that you will be expected to do what you are told, how you are told and when you are told.

  17. To Mr. Terry Woodard, Dr. Mark G. Hardy and IHL Commissioner, Hank Bound: Great selection!

    Now complete the task by giving Dr. Carolyn Meyers a clean slate to start writing the expected great future of Jackson State University on by REMOVING ALL Interim Appointees of Civil Rights Activist and Politician, Dr. Leslie Burl McLemore. CLEAN-UP NOW, not LATER!!!!!

    LET us all give Jackson State University the chance to celebrate COMPETENCE rather than INCOMPETENCE, MEDIOCRITY and CRONISM. Such CLEAN-UP, as JSU celebrates the 2010 Thanksgiving, will create needed space for Dr. Carolyn Meyers to bring some of her own trusted and competent assistants.

    I see a leadership team of a STRONG & DYNAMIC DUO in Dr. Carolyn Meyers and Dr. Felix Okojie that CAN & WILL shape the Financial, Research and Academic future of JSU and thus solidify JSU’s outstanding reputation and ranking in the community of top tier universities in the world. The good of JSU family is the ONLY GIG of concern, period. Dr. Carolyn Meyers, the singular cabinent member who will give you the TRUE and UNEMBELLISHED picture of the “State of JSU” is Dr. Felix A. Okojie. Small minds dislike and fear him because they CANNOT handle the truth and tough love.

    Good luck Dr. Carolyn Meyers and welcome to JSU!!!

    • LSW,

      I see a leadership team spearheaded by a STRONG & DYNAMIC DUO in Dr. Carolyn Meyers and Dr. Felix Okojie. GREATTTTTTTT!!!!!

  18. at least it is GOOD the current interim president shaked the Cabenit a little,
    WE Need more shake up in the Administration.

  19. is she coming to more money, as Dr. Mason left for more money in southern??
    Or to what?
    why leaving nice place like VA?
    What budget for her office will take place?
    We have budget cut here, but it seems the last to suffer are the President, VPs’ and Deans’– chairs’


  20. The question: What is she going to do for JSU faculty. They are the backboone of any university?
    Faculty carry day to day job of teaching and research and service. Without them, there is no colleges.
    Is she going to be fair to non-black students and faculty (Diversity). Or just Africans and black??
    Is she coming to serve herself and her VPs and Dean OR serve the faculty?
    Is she going to cut the Number of Administrators at JSU or add 2 or 3 positions in her office?

  21. I have known Dr. Carolyn Meyers all of her life. She is an extraordinary educational leader and administrator. I am also an active alumnus and retired administrator of NSU. Dr Meyers provided leadership that was beyond the thinking of the NSU community. Hopefully, the Jackson State community is willing to accept change for the betterment of their school.

  22. I think Dr. Meyers will do a great job. I wish her success as President of JSU. Dr. Mason left a solid foundation to build on.

  23. Her credentials are amazing! Hopefully, she will bring a positive change to JSU. I have a daughter who is currently a student at JSU and I am an alumni of JSU. I wish her well.

  24. I’m sure the board picked her for great reasons. i’m just skeptical because of where the last president tried to take jsu. although it’s overall goal is the future and integrity of it’s students, as well as faculty and staff, i feel that we should maintain the history of this hbcu. i am all for her though because i’ve done some research on her and the former college where she was president, and i feel she is going to do great things for us….ye dr. meyers!!!

  25. Dr. Meyers seem to be a lovely lady. I am concerned as to who is her Designer. It is very important that her image is one befitting that of “The President” and “The First Lady.” As she move across ” The Yard” from-day-to day her appearance will unquestionably be scrutinized. “Knowledge and Image” go hand and hand.

    • Perhaps, you should consult with your colleagues regarding what is appropriate dress for the “First Lady” or the President of Jackson State. As I recall, Dr. Meyers wears St. John suits which are classy as well as conservative. Many professionals across the country wear these designer suits and are considered to be well-dressed. In fact, I know at least four female presidents of HBCUs who wear St. John suits. These women are considered to be elegant and well-dressed. Are you saying that Jackson is not familiar or accepting of this style of dress? If so, perhaps, Dr. Meyers is the one who should be scrutinizing her choice of employment since Jackson may not be ready to accept class and professionalism. Anyway, I would think that the faculty, students and staff at Jackson would be concerned about what is in her head rather than worrying about what is on her body!!

  26. I was a student at NSU until last Fall, when I graduated. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Meyers on two occasions (at a pep rally and at a alumni fundraising event). She was fun, spirited and above all, she’s a strong woman, with strong opinions and ideas and she voices those thoughts and opinions with ease. That scared a lot of people because she very clearly meant business and business was indeed handled. All in all, the students loved her and wish her nothing but success at JSU. I only hope that the JSU community will welcome any positive changes she might need to make – it might be hard but HBCUs have got to start thinking about what’s best for the school.

  27. Enough is enough!
    Chairs, Deans, (and other (top administrators) need to be audited for using budget for their own travel and their friends.
    Also, it is time to STOP letting administrator to get free ride as co-authors on their faculty articles and research.

  28. The new President should change the Adminstrastions. the current Deans, chairs, VP think they are powerfull and untochable.
    Also Need to have limite 3 years for chaiors and 5 years for Dean.
    Start changes in School of business and Libral Arts.

    • It appears you have some issues with the Dean of the School of Business (Dr. Glover). Dr. Glover was responsible for the JSU School of Business obtaining the top School of Business accreditation’s during her tenure as Dean of the School of Business. I received an accounting degree from JSU in 1998 and had the pleasure of being instructed by Dr. Glover in several accounting classes. Like Dr. Meyers, Dr. Glover is also a graduate of Howard University and with outstanding credentials (J.D., PHD, CPA etc.). I have worked for several Fortune 500 entities as an Internal Auditor and credit my career to the School of Business

  29. Jackson State Family:
    Please, please ignore what you heard about Dr. Meyers stay at Norfolk State. Dr. Meyers came to Norfolk State and wanted to make changes that would have elevated a fourth tier institution to a second tier one. Dr. Meyers is respected by the academic world, she has the credentials to support being respected and she would have moved Norfolk up a notch or two. However, many people at Norfolk were threatened by her strong academic background, her confidence, and her gender.
    At Norfolk State, she encountered people who were so entrenched in the university and who wanted to protect their interests at the expense of the institution and its students. These people worked against Dr. Meyers at every opportunity given to them. Many were so vicious that it was difficult for a person of integrity to stay. I admire Dr. Meyers and as someone who worked with her at North Carolina A & T, I believe Jackson State is fortunate to have her. I say Norfolk State’s loss is Jackson State’s gain. In fact, Norfolk State has been setback tremendously by Dr. Meyer’s departure,and if it does not find a stellar president, it will remain at its current level for years to come.

  30. I find myself quite excited about having a new president. Dr. Meyers’ credentials are very impressive & I pray that she is have great things in store for our institution. We need a president that genuinely cares about the welfare of the faculty, staff, & most importantly the students. I pray that God blesses her to be grounded & well-rounded in order to successfully run this GREAT institution properly! God bless u Dr. Meyers & I hope to meet u soon!

  31. Wonderful news and very good for JSU. Dr. Meyers is bound to do great things for JSU and the community at large. As for any confusion about her past, my inside connections tell me the previous board (at NSU) didn’t support her from day one, despite her good works for the school (any question about that? check her record of accomplishments). They pretty much had their priorities all wrong and wanted their people — people they could control — at the helm. Dr. Meyers took the high road and has found a new opportunity that is sure to respect and champion her forward-thinking ideas.

    • Dr. Lackey has stated on plenty occasions that he doesn’t want to be President. I sure hated that ’cause that’s who I wanted to be President, too!

  32. If we the JSU family think and speak positives then our end result will be positive. Good luck Dr. Meyers and welcome.

    You get out what you put in. Let’s put in a positive effort to support her and JSU and we will get positive results in the end.

    Thank you to the true JSU supports.

  33. There were times when the JSU Family didn’t have people like Mr. Owens in a position to influence decisions as he and Mr. Woodard has in this instance. I am very impressed with Dr. Meyers credentials and have the faith that those who were more intimately involved made a good decision. Good job! I am confident the Alumni will continue and work for the betterment of the university.

    Welcome to JSU Dr. Meyers!

  34. There is a time for everything under the sun ! This is another season in Dr. Meyers’ life, and it happens to be at JSU. Receive it people.

  35. As a student at JSU and also someone that has had all his family attend the school I am glad that JSU has chosen her as president. I would have liked if they picked a alum for president of JSU but if the candidates interviewed that had a degree were not quantified then the right choice was made. I look forward to see how she does as president of JSU and how she handles being President.

  36. I think this woman will do a great job. Too many negative haters are lurking and want to say something, but I advice you haters to stay put and don’t disturb this groove. This woman is a proven leader and she has business sense. She knows how to rake in the dough for JSU. Support this sister or keep your damn mouth shut. Give back to the school. JSU is great, it is a fact that JSU is ranked nationally in academics, go and look at the washington monthly magazine.

    Good Luck, Dr. Meyers

  37. Her Resume looks fantastic, and as an engineer, I have faith(ha the irony) that she will make analytical and rational decisions that will secure the future of JSU in the years to come.Moreover, I believe she will preside over the expansion of the engineering program at JSU. That is where the future is headed. We must try and transition from Mississippi’s urban institute to Mississippi’s Urban Institute of Technology.I like the sound of that. For what its worth I endorse her candidacy for President of my Alma Mater.
    Zelalem Dawit
    Class of 2010

  38. While Dr. Meyers credentials are oustanding for the position of President of Jackson State University (JSU), I’ll with-hold my comments until I have the opportunity on December 1, 2010 to hear her unvarnished responses on how she plans to: (1) balance the budget, (2) grow the research enterprise of JSU, (3) support improvement in the quality of teaching and (4) foster an environment that allows for honest discussion of JSU challenges without fear of repraisals.

    • Stakeholder…..what does it mean? Anyone who has a vested interest whether it is a tangible or intangible. By all means, it does not necesarily mean business related. That said, JSU is a business — an institution of higher education. Anyone who doesn’t get that….well!!!

  39. If you google, there are some things noted that happened during her tenure at NSU that are questionable. As a financial contributor and mother of a current student at JSU, I will be watching this process very closely.
    It would be great to give some JSU grads a chance to lead this university.

    • I looked at those. Nothing is bad about her. Duering her tenure, she did not get satisfactory support from the folks over there NSU. Then she had the right to choose where she wants to go. This is a free country. Anyone can be whatever he/she wants to be.

      However, I am as a JSU stakeholder excited to see her here at JSU. Best of luck, dear Carolyn !!

      • JSU stakeholder?

        JSU is not a business per se. What do you mean by stakeholder?

        Ain’t all current student(as their supports) and all citizens of the state of Mississippi stakeholders?

  40. I don’t think the selection committee’s could have made a better decision. Dr. Meyers seemed to be not only a very educated woman, but also very much so qualified for the position. I am excited about whats to come under the leadership of the university’s first female president (non-interim) and I’m wishing her all the best!

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