JSU Contractual Services employee garners award from collegiate licensing company

 Kamesha Hill, contracts compliance specialist in the Jackson State University Office of Contractual Services, was recently honored for being the 2009-2010 “fastest artwork reviewer” affiliated with Strategic Marketing Affiliates (SMA).
SMA is a collegiate licensing company that partners with Jackson State to generate revenue from the licensing of the university’s logo, image and brand. Jackson State has partnered with the company for the past three years.

Last year, JSU generated about $70,000 through the program.
Hill, who has held her position for five years, said the award was special because it “means I’m doing my job.”

On average, Jackson State has about 95 licensed vendors who regularly submit artwork for approval to adorn various products ranging from t-shirts and caps to socks and area rugs.
“The vendors submit their designs to SMA and once the company reviews it, they submit it to me for final approval,” she said.

The average turnaround time for vendors to get approval through the program is six hours. Hill’s average is three hours.

“I’ve reviewed more than 900 pieces of artwork within a year,” she said. “It’s important for me to do a good job because I am an alum of Jackson State, I love Jackson State and if I don’t approve the artwork quickly, Jackson State doesn’t make money. When I approve it, the merchandise is able to get out on the market.”

For more information on the JSU licensing program, visit smaworks.com


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