Memo from Interim President McLemore concerning JSU president search

September 13, 2010

Dear Jackson State University Family:

The formal process to name a new permanent President of Jackson State University has begun. Dr. Hank Bounds, IHL Commissioner of Higher Education, has indicated that a new president of the University will be named by the end of November. As the Interim President of Jackson State University, I look forward to working with the Presidential Search Committee and others to insure a seamless transition from my administration to the new administration. Please know that I am not a candidate for the permanent position. IHL Board policy does not permit an Interim President to apply for the permanent position.

We have many challenges and opportunities to address before a new person is named to the permanent post. I am looking forward to working with the Jackson State University Community as we raise our institution to new heights.


Leslie Burl McLemore, Ph.D
Interim President


29 thoughts on “Memo from Interim President McLemore concerning JSU president search

    • The people mentioned here are not wannabes as you stated.. They are somebody. All of them! But who in their life was not a wannabe anyway? I wannabe the best. I wannabe the most efficient, I wannabe a holder of a Phd, I wannabe the the prolific fund raiser on campus, I wannabe the most successful person at the University.
      I don’t wannabe the person who can avoid legitimate issues to try and harass or complain about achievers. Whether it is Dr. Glover, Dr. Watkins, Dr. Mclemore or Dr. Hardy. Sounds like jealousy from some one who wannabe somebody, but don’t know how.

      Or maybe you don’t have any real ambition or goals other than take to pot shots at successful people.
      I wannabe be like any of the people mentioned on this discuusion. At least they are doing or trying to do instead of criticizing someone else. But I’m pretty sure nobody wannabe like you.

    • Wannabe? What kind of foolishness is that? Do you think Hank Bounds is a wannabe? Barak Obama? Dr. John Peeples, Dollye Robinson? Bennie Thompson. John Horne?, Hillman Frazier?
      I guess whoever said this , if they have children, nieces , nephews, and so on doesn’t encourage them to have goals or ambition. Besides why do they keep trying to trash the people mentioned, Maybe in their heart, they know that these people actually could handle the job, and that is why they are attacking them instead of legitimately discussing their accomplishments.

  1. Show me a great person, and you’ll always find some trifling person waiting to try and diminish them or put a knife in their back.

  2. Maybe I forgot, Has’nt it been only a few months since Mason left?
    Be specific Blue One. What are you talking about? Dr. McLemore has only been Interim President 2 1/2 months.

  3. What?
    My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.
    What is your plan?, What are your ideas for the leadership for the University?

  4. Show me the money.. If we end up with a President who is not good at raising, or soliciting funds we are going to be really messed up.
    We should be concerned only with candidates who know how to raise money for the University. If we have Jesse Jackson, What is he going to do for funding?
    It doen’t matter who it is. If they can’t raise funds they will be useless to us. No one is liked by everybody, Look at Jesus, People disliked him enough to kill him. People dislike Obama enough to threaten him.
    We need to focus on what JSU needs and not trifling issues. We can talk trash about anybody who exists. We need to talk and be concerned about who can help. That is why we neede to wait on this selection process. It is too fast. And the person talking against people probaly don’t realize
    or know anything about their Civil rights background, what honors they have, the money the’ve raised. They’re just being Crabs in a barrel.

  5. Some peple can’t read, not well anyway It was said from the beginning that McLemore as interim would not be able to serve as President permanently.
    Grow Up please…
    Oh Yeah, Dr. Hrady, Dr. Glover Dr. Watkins have done more for this University than alarge portion of the people here. Everybody is appreciated
    but some have simply done more. How can somebody without a clue do more in their area than many of the other schools combined. This discussion was begun to talk potential candidates, not talk about people with fith grade type comments. Show us what the person who you think can lead the University has done. Their record will speak for itself. Not some off the wall sarcastic remark.

    • fifth – I can spell, I was just in a hurry responding to your comments. Blue One ..You should Read the first message from Dr. McLemore.

  6. When we start endorsing people for the presidency at JSU, we must proceed with caution. Some of the individuals mentioned are probably behind the efforts to close Alcorn and Valley and renaming Jackson State, Jacob State. The College Board is looking for another Mason.

    Be careful,


      • Mason’s idea was only a what if plan. Mason could not merge
        Universities, only the State Legislature with the Governor’s signature could
        not merge Universities. Please don’t listen to Alice Harden!

        • Mason’s idea was only a what if plan. Mason could not merge
          Universities, only the State Legislature with the Governor’s signature could
          merge Universities. Please don’t listen to Alice Harden!

  7. Dr. Mark Hardy for JSU president, PLEASE DON’T!! He doesn’t have a clue. He is only interested in being praised and worshipped. Dr. Lackey is definitely a possibility.

  8. Yeah, but the whole thing runs on money. If they can’t generate money for the school. It doesnt matter if they can sing or dance. We need someone
    who understands the finances of running a University. Not just somebody to say I want more money. Somebody who knows Administration, and has the Academic Background. We all love JSU ..Well Most of us do…

  9. I would like to see Dr. Hilliard Lackey or his Daughther in Law Dr.Tracy Lackey to become president of JSU. Dr.H.Lackey loves JSU and he loves JSU students he wants us to be successful and he works hard to encourage and guide, and direct the students down the right path. If he is completely retired then I would like to see his daughter in law Dr. Tracy Lackey as president of JSU because she is a really hardworker and she cares about the sucess of JSU students and shes always there if you call on her for advise and encouragement. In search of a president the power that control this needs to select someone who loves people and is accessiable to the students of JSU. The next President of JSU needs to be committed to JSU and the students who attend JSU and not just collecting a paycheck.

  10. Why not ask Dr. McLemore to remain as interim president for 2-3 years, while an exhaustive search for a new President is done? Maybe even develop a Candidate from inside the University through open competition. Comparing their internal candidate’s achievements and development capability. By evaluating:
    (1) Who has a history of raising, and the ability to raise the most funds through grants and research and development?
    (2) Who can handle transition to President smoothly?
    (3) Who has respect locally and nationally in the Education and Research arena?
    (4) Who has the Academic background?
    (5) A familiarity and history with HBCU’s and the challenges they face.

    If we do this, three or four names immediately come to mind.
    We don’t have to look outside to find a President. We have a capable interim President who knows the University with us and good candidates among us now. Both Male and Female.

  11. I think that you are a qualified candidate for the job. I commend you on your performance and wish that you could take the position. You have made some much needed changes thus far. One issue that is of great concern that I would like for you to address and perhaps solve is the student parking issue. It is horrible, the student parking is limited in the area and cars are being towed, broken into and etc. JSU needs a high rise parking garage or two for the students.

  12. Dr. McLemore,

    I wish you could be in the selection and selected.
    I have enjoyed having you as our Interim President and I do feel you have already contributed so much back to the University. I feel the morale and the interest in JSU again from colleagues and students.
    Dr. McLemore, if you must journey from that position please don’t journey far.
    Thank you for your time,energy AND INTEREST you have bestowed upon JACKSON STATE UNIVERSITY.

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