Memo from Interim President Leslie Burl McLemore regarding the start of the academic year

Aug. 20, 2010

Dear JSU Administrators, Faculty, Staff and Students:

As the Fall 2010 semester begins, I wish each of you a successful, enjoyable and productive academic year. Jackson State University has never been as great as it is right now, and I look forward to working with each of you to collectively move the University to new heights.

As we continue to provide quality education and research opportunities for our students, please keep the following in mind:

     –  Our primary commodity is service to our customers (students, parents, colleagues, visitors, etc.), and they come first at Jackson State University. All of us must work together to ensure that we maintain their trust and continued desire to do business with us. Good customer service is a must!

     –  I expect our world class faculty to show up prepared to teach on the first day of class, and our students are expected to come to class on Day One and every day thereafter!

    –  We are going to put forth our best effort in everything we do with the understanding that the conversation is about Jackson State University.

Let’s work hard and play hard. Can I count on your cooperation and team spirit?



Leslie Burl McLemore, Ph. D.
Interim President



6 thoughts on “Memo from Interim President Leslie Burl McLemore regarding the start of the academic year

  1. I am energized to know that we have a monumental president of JSU. I appreciate Dr. McLemore’s inspiration and leadership. Additionally, I am excited with his motivation to direct our students towards an understanding of who they are, particularly with his reading list. I too am a veteran civil rights activist who believe in equal justice and fairness for all mankind!

  2. I agree with you whole heartedly Dr. Mclemore. I would like to apologize for my past behavior. If I could take back what happened on August 26, 2005, I most certainly would without hesitation. I hope for the best future for my beloved Alma Mater.

  3. Mr. President-Dr. Leslie Burl McLemore,
    A commitment to excellence is not new to me in the classroom nor in any thing I am committed to at Jackson State. You can always depend on me, because I’m on it! I am honored that you have my back! I am just so proud to have you in this position of highest authority to reinforce what needs and ought to be done in academics here. Keep the focus. We can be the nation’s greatest in all circles. We can make a difference. My students and I are off to a great start. They all seem ready for the challenge and that personna further energizes me. I have had near perfect attendance, according to the roll, in all classes. Two classes each had one person absent and one class had one absence. I am impressed by this commitment; I am confident good scholarship will follow. We’re on it! Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. President McLemore,

    You have my support as a team member to make this year a very hardworking and successful one! Take care and may God continue to bless you and the Jackson State University family!

  5. Dr. McLemore,

    Your letter was a very refreshing welcome. While it was not lengthy it said a lot. I look forward to your continued administration. I only hope that we receive someone as strong when you are replaced. This worries me. The fact that we may not get a strong, disciplined, and wise president at this crucial time scare me for the school. There are so many problems out there that need addressing-the one that I have been concerned about lately is the African American students choosing majority white schools.

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