JSU Entrepreneurship majors receive $5,000 CSE Scholarships


Alicia Crudup

The Jackson State University College of Business’s Department of Entrepreneurship and Professional Development proudly acknowledges its 2010 recipients of The Coleman Entrepreneurial Scholarship (CES).  The Coleman Entrepreneurial Scholarship was established by Donald A. Coleman, chairman of GlobalHue, the nation’s largest multicultural marketing communications agency, to assist students who have an entrepreneurial spirit and aspire to establish a thriving business.

       Of the ten awards granted for the 2010-2011 academic year, eight were received by the following JSU Entrepreneurship majors: Brittany Brown,  Zulina Brown, Alicia Crudup, Arlinda Fair, Monique Jackson, Clemon Redmond, III, Ebony Robinson and Nicholas Ross. Each recipient will recieve $5,000, which will be used for educational expenses in the 2010-11 academic year.
       “Our students have made a commitment to unleash the entrepreneur within,” said Dr. Mary M. White, chairperson of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Professional Development.  “Because there is a growing interest in entrepreneurship in Mississippi and particularly at Jackson State University, our aim is to get students focused on thinking bigger than just creating jobs for themselves—we want them to think about creating equity and jobs for others.”
        Scholarship recipients were selected on the basis of a personal statement that clearly demonstrated entrepreneurial spirit and promise, community service, entrepreneurial experience, demonstrated leadership and participation in school and community activities, academic performance and financial need.


2 thoughts on “JSU Entrepreneurship majors receive $5,000 CSE Scholarships

  1. Congradulations to all. How can I apply for the scholarship. I have
    been attempting to establish an on-going Academic/community Resource Center in my community. I would appreciate any financial assistance toward my Masters in Education. I feel confident that the more education/skills/experiences will enable one to be successful.

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