Master’s student Shuwana Hurt earns CAPE scholarship

Jackson State University master’s candidate Shuwana Hurt recently earned the Clinical and Arts Preparation for Educators (CAPE) Scholarship from the university’s Department of Special Education. Hurt, a fourth-year special education teacher from Greenville, Miss., teaches kindergarten through third-grade students at Clausell Elementary in Jackson.

Hurt’s scholarship provides for tuition, books and professional development and will allow her to continue study in an area of education to which she is very dedicated. While her previous efforts have already led to her being selected the Ask for More Arts Coordinator at Clausell in August 2009, Hurt hopes the funding will allow her to learn new and exciting ways to integrate the arts into her classroom. She expects to complete her graduate degree in the fall of 2010.

The U.S. Department of Education awarded the $800,000 CAPE grant 2005 to the Department of Special Education in the College of Education and Human Development.
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Jackson State University graduate chemistry student wins statewide competition

Jackson State University graduate chemistry student Musabbir A. Saeed won first place in the poster competition at the annual meeting of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences held in February in Hattiesburg, Miss.

Saeed’s winning poster, titled “Trapping of Methanol by Polyaza Cryptand,” presented two unusual complexes of methanol with cryptand-based molecules. Such binding was a surprise because of the poor ability of neutral methanol to interact with a synthetic molecule. This represented the first examples of trapped methanol in solid states.

“Having the Mississippi Academy of Sciences recognize me and to be able to get something like this is really an honor,” said Saeed, who is working toward his Ph.D. at JSU. “I found Jackson State definitely has one of the best chemistry departments in the South.”

The structures presented in the poster were solved by Douglas Powell at Oklahoma University, while the theoretical aspects were calculated by graduate student, Ganna Gryn’ova, working under the supervision of Jackson State chemistry professor Jerzy Leszczynski. Jackson State chemistry professor Alamgir Hossain is Saeed’s supervisor.

Saeed’s work is now under review for publication in Chemical Communications. The Mississippi Academy of Sciences awarded Saeed with a certificate and $375 for winning the competition.