JSU professor, Ally Mack, wins Excellence in Trade Education Award

Jackson State University professor and dean of the Division of International Studies Ally Mack was presented the Excellence in Trade Education Award on Nov. 12 by the Mississippi World Trade Center. This was the Center’s first year presenting an award for Excellence in Trade Education.  The award honors educational programs and individuals who have promoted and/or developed international business and turned import and export opportunities into Mississippi success stories.

“It was an honor to be the first recipient of the Mississippi World Trade Center award recognizing the crucial role that education plays in international trade,” Mack said. “Thus, I am delighted that Jackson State University was the first recipient and that it is being recognized for its efforts in this area.”

For the past 30 years, Mack has worked to internationalize Mississippi through the International Visitors Center of Jackson and the Mississippi Consortium for International Development. From her efforts, better engagement in the international trade arena has occurred.


45 thoughts on “JSU professor, Ally Mack, wins Excellence in Trade Education Award

  1. Hi ShIrley Harrison and Len Jefferson; It was really nice working with both of you at Jackson State U. with you. I hope JSU is doing well. It was great to hear about Ally’s award and I know who helped her to get it.

    Sue Vandenbosch

  2. Congratulations on this award. It did not surprise me that it was awarded to you. I hope you come to the Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association in Seattle Sept. 1-4, 2011. It is on the way to Japan, China and other great nations which should be part of your mission. Be sure to see Seattle’s new library, ride the feries ,take the Argosy waterfront tour, go to Pike Place Market, go to the locks and shop at Nordstrom’s.

    Sue Vandenbosch, Ph. D.
    Seattle and Tucson

  3. ofcourse Dr Mack is the best!!! and i would doubt the credibility of the award if anybody else took it !!!
    Keep it up please and never give up!!! the whole world with you!!!

  4. We are so very proud of you and your numerous accomplishments in International Education. Congratulations and accolades for this wonderful honor!

  5. I’ve known and worked with Dr. Mack since 1985. She has always worked untirelessly to globalize Jackson State University as well as the state of Mississippi. She continues to promote and support internationalization through personal sacrifices. She’s known around the world and Mississippi will be hard pressed to find someone to fill her enormous shoes.

    P.S. Dr. Ally you are truly loved and admired.

  6. There is NO PERSON on the face of this earth more deserving of this honor! The fruits of your works will live on for many generations to come. We are so proud to have you as our friend. Congratulations and we love you!
    Linda and Ronnie

  7. This is an “outstanding award” for an outstanding Black woman and educator who has labored, for years, in the communities American and international education. May God continue to “Bless” you with the capacity to achieve more in your immediate and distant future.

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