JSU students win awards in research competition


Two teams of Jackson State University undergraduate elementary education majors won awards in the 2013 National Association of African American Studies Undergraduate Research Competition.

JiaVanti Johns, Brandy Jackson, Leontyne Snell, LaTisha Johnson, and Brianna McAllister presented their award-winning paper, “Factors Influencing African American Male Choice of Elementary Education as a Major.” Eric Boone, Jessica Trader, and Tearra Williams also presented their award-winning paper, “Effective Teaching Modes of the iGeneration at an HBCU.”

The students’ research papers will be published in the conference proceedings. The students were mentored and advised by Drs. Tony Latiker and Evornia Kincaid, assistant professors of elementary education in the College of Education and Human Development.

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6 thoughts on “JSU students win awards in research competition

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  2. Congratulations to our students and faculty on this worthy accomplishment. The Department of Elementary and Early Childhood Education was represented well. Great Job!

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